Saturday 24 February 2024

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group showcases its latest innovations at Sirha

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LYON, France — Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group through its subsidiary company Segafredo Zanetti France attended Sirha 2019, the leading Food Service exhibition in France with 3.000 exhibitors and over 200.000 visitors.

It was the occasion to introduce the Group’s latest innovations V6 Leva Class Machine by La San Marco, Segafredo Zanetti Selezione Filtro range and Segafredo Zanetti Cold Brew.

Segafredo’s innovative stand featured three experiential spaces: the main one was conceived around V6, where visitors could experiment the art of pressuring coffee with the lever to extract its quintessence and savour Extra Strong and Alleanza blends.

A second bespoke area was created to introduce Segafredo’s new Selezione Filtro range, ground coffee dedicated to professionals of the hospitality and catering sector. The third corner was dedicated to preview showcasing and tasting Cold Brew Coffee, to be fully discovered during the upcoming French summer tour.

“We had a great success together with La San Marco, with many promising contacts for the next months” commented Nicolas Peyresblanques CEO of Segafredo Zanetti France.

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