Tuesday 31 January 2023

Mahlkönig to sponsor this year’s WBC

And presents amazing innovations to the “World of Coffee”

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This year’s World of Coffee in Dublin, taking place from 23rd – 25th June, is about to host one of the most exciting events of the global speciality coffee industry: the World Barista Championships.

The German grinder manufacturer Mahlkönig has supported national as well as international barista competitions ever since their very beginnings – as showcasing and sharing knowledge is the best way to enhance the awareness of specialty coffee and of the barista scene.

With over 90 years of experience and with an absolute dedication to coffee, MAHLKÖNIG developed one of the most favored espresso grinders in the world: the K30.

In 2009 Mahlkönig became the official grinder sponsor of the World Barista Championship for the first time and provided special design versions of the K30 Vario for each event since then.

In 2015 Mahlkönig became the official & exclusive grinder sponsor of the World Barista Championships 2016 & 2017, now providing the famous EK43 as well as the K30 Vario AIR for each event.

This great honour and the close collaboration with the best baristas from all around the globe, inspires and motivates the Mahlkönig team to further develop its grinder portfolio day by day.

In Dublin Mahlkönig will present the re-designed double espresso grinder K30 TWIN 2.0, including a new user-friendly touch display control and a spout illumination concept. Furthermore this innovative version of the K30 TWIN will also be available as a hybrid grinder providing both: premium espresso grinding at one side and perfect filter coffee grinding on the other side.

For hands-free on demand grinding, the espresso side is equipped with the robust portafilter support, while the included container for the ground coffee on the other side catches each and every single particle of your precious aromatic powder.

Coffee shop owners seeking for a premium versatile grinding solution with a minimum space requirement, will surely be amazed by the new K30 TWIN 2.0 HYBRID, that is planned to be available in fall 2016.

The top highlight at the Hemro Group’s booth will be Mahlkönig’s Peak. The exceptional fusion of the utmost grinding competence, perfect functionality and alluring design elements has finally entered the European market this spring.

The Peak provides ultimate performance with premium cast steel grinding discs, having no settling-in effect and being rotated by only 900 rpm. The double ventilation system preserves the coffee’s unique aroma.

The adjustable spout, an accurate dose adjustment by 1/100 seconds and the constant temperature indication on the premium Oled display, puts you in ultimate control of the grinding process. While the innovative user-friendly menu on the high-contrast and brilliant display, combined with Mahlkönig’s approved hands-free grind-on-demand principle, turns using the Peak into a unique enjoyable grinding experience.

Every visitor is invited to come to see the Peak live in action and to put it to some individual tests.

Mahlkönig is looking forward to meeting the global specialty coffee industry in Dublin and invites everyone to stop by at booth G8. You are welcome to enjoy some of the best coffees of the world together with the “king of grinders”.

For more information please visit: www.mahlkoenig.de www.worldofcoffee-dublin.com

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