Monday 22 April 2024
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MADE IN ITALY – Xpressivo announces exclusive partnership with Caffè Cagliari

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US – Xpressivo is bringing award-winning Caffè Cagliari from Italy to the US for the very first time. To celebrate this new partnership, Xpressivo is making it’s premium machines available for FREE for a limited time when customers choose one of several convenient coffee capsule delivery plans.

“For more than 125 years, coffee drinkers all around the world have enjoyed the flavor and aroma of Caffè Cagliari,” says Adam Lupa, CEO and founder of Xpressivo.

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“And now, for the first time, we’re bringing Cagliari to America with this awesome offer… so you can enjoy the velvety, rich taste of Italian espresso right in your home or office using your very own espresso machine.”

In Italy in 1909, Ambrogio Cagliari established a coffee roasting and tasting shop in Modena’s Piazza Grande – “Grand Torrefazione del Caffè. Blessed with a sophisticated pallet and expert roasting skills, he brought years of experience in Brazil learning the coffee industry to create a new coffee ritual for the people of Modena, Italy.

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Four generations later, award-winning Cagliari continues it’s pursuit of perfection if every cup through the constant search for superior plantations, the highest quality raw coffee and roasting each different type of coffee one by one before artfully blending them to create velvety, balanced, and complex espressos unlike any other.

Today, 150 million cups a year of Cagliari’s unmistakably flavorful and rich coffee are enjoyed at home and in espresso bars throughout Italy and around the globe. The premium flavors of Cagliari coffee are as authentic of an Italian coffee experience as you’ll ever have.

In partnering with Xpressivo, Cagliari is confident that Americans will experience the rich history and flavor of their coffee, just as if they were drinking it in Italy.

Customers will have a choice of espresso blends, including can choose from a selection of espresso pods, including Cagliari’s popular Elite Arabica, Grand Espresso, Crem Espresso, and Decaf blends.

To find out more about Xpressivo and how you can get your FREE espresso machine to enjoy Cagliari coffee, visit

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