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MADE IN ITALY – La Spaziale is the official sponsor of SCAE UK Barista Championship

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La Spaziale espresso coffee machine mod. S40 Seletron, top series of the bolognaise manufacturer, proved to be the winning card for professional baristas that competed in the semifinal and final of SCAE UK Barista Championship.

The event was held at ScotHot, in Glasgow, Scotland from March 4th to March 5th, 2015.

The UKBC, which belongs to the International circuit of SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) competitions, is a prestigious event involving the operators and the audience interested to the best coffee creations.

S40 Seletron, once again, is recognized as the ideal solution for perfection in the cup, thanks to the control functionality and to the reliability of its technology which support the skills of the baristas competing for the next UKBC 2015 champion title.

For this 3-year partnership, La Spaziale will accomplish a special and limited edition of such espresso coffee machine model, with specially dedicated aesthetic finishing.

The sponsorship is part of the success of the strong partnership with La Spaziale UK representing La Spaziale brand all over UK.

S40 Seletron: the top choice for the barista

S40 is La Spaziale most complete coffee machine: it is technological, reliable and ergonomic.

While offering advanced technical solutions and avant-garde electronics, such model boasts an exclusive design with high class finishing, lights and chrome effects, which perfectly match with the furniture of modern outlets.

Wide displays, a main one and one for each delivery group, allow the total electronic control of the machine, both for the barista and for the technician dedicated to its maintenance.

All the settings of the machine are controlled and customized thanks to the use of a “service card” which allows the perfect interaction between the machine and the professional operator, so as to satisfy the needs of the coffee location and of its customers. Even the software update supporting the card has been made absolutely simple.

The machine, furthermore, has a smart way to control operating temperature granting always a consistent energy saving.

More specifically, La Spaziale has designed and developed the S40 Seletron to allow the regulation of the total power absorption according to the work load in a specific time or according to the different times of the day. Furthermore, its electronics is able to compensate the boiler operating temperature on a constant base according to the external environmental temperature, thus avoiding a waste of energy.

It is also possible to set different temperatures for each delivery group and even for each single coffee dose within the same group: this allows to choose the best parameters to deliver different coffee types or blends. The perfect espresso delivery comes out as a result of the possibility to control the extraction curve thanks to a function signaling possible grinding errors.

About La Spaziale

After over 45 years of business activity, the company is still growing, always believing in the values which have made it a key-reference for baristas all over the world: granting a high quality and constant result in the cup for Italian Espresso through a reliable and technology advanced coffee machine.

La Spaziale Spa has been producing professional espresso coffee machines since 1969: founded in Bologna by Adriano Cacciari, nowadays it is still successfully run by his daughter Franca Cacciari and by her husband Maurizio Maccagnani, who has developed for over 30 years the business and commercial strategies of the company.

The top quality standard represented by la Spaziale is mostly evident in the production process: all machines are produced in Bologna and Jesolo plants and are featured with a unique and patented heat exchange system with steam circulation instead of water.

Every coffee machine before being available on the market for the final customers is subject to a careful and strict quality control process and is fully tested to grant a perfect efficiency on the bar counter.

Today with 3 venues in Italy, three abroad (USA, Brazil, Romania) and over 100 distributors in the world, La Spaziale brings to each coffee bar the true passion for the Quality Italian Espresso Coffee.

About La Spaziale UK

In 1997, Chris Glossop and Steve Penk began to import La Spaziale espresso machines into the UK. During that 18 years ‘La Spaziale’ has become a highly acclaimed brand in the UK traditional espresso machine market.

It has become the favoured brand for many of the UK’s leading hotels, coffee bars, restaurants and many regional coffee roasters.

La Spaziale’s reputation amongst many of the country’s top baristi is strong, as the company was heavily involved in the formation of the United Kingdom Barista Competition.

During its 4 year tenure as main sponsor and organiser, La Spaziale UK helped change the reputation of the UK into one of the leading nations in the Speciality coffee world – moving the UK from 33rd of 34 nations in 2003 to be World Champions in 2007

With approaching 10000 machines in the field and a growing business year on year, the success of La Spaziale UK is based on the ability to respond swiftly to its customers needs.

We offer our customers next day machine deliveries to anywhere in the UK mainland and a growing network of experienced service technicians who carry parts to repair machines on the first visit 96% of the time.


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