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MADE IN ITALY – DailyCuppaCoffee adds Gaggia brand espresso machines to storefront

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BROOKLYN, NY, United States – introduces the famed Gaggia line of semi-automatic espresso machines and super-automatic espresso machines now available at its online coffee store.


Gaggia is the Italian best selling manufacturer of espresso machines for the home. Gaggia espresso machines are not only beautiful in design but also features modern technology.

They seek to satisfy both those looking for convenience and also those seeking to perfect the art of preparing an excellent shot.

Gaggia’s super automatics available at do all the work for you. With the simple press of a button it will grind, tamp and brew your shot.

It even ejects the puck or spent coffee grounds into an internal waste box.


The Bypass Doser which allows you to place pre-ground coffee is great when entertaining guests so that you can serve decaf or flavored coffee other then what’s in the standard bean hopper.

Gaggia also provides easy access to the water tank and coffee bean hopper making refilling easy.

Super Automatics can be quite expensive and therefore Daily Cuppa Coffee is now selling the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine. It is on the lower end of pricing, is more compact and yet still offers the convenience and innovation of super automatics.

It features a durable burr grinder, integrated bypass doser, self-rinse cycle and energy saving mode. A large LED display makes it easy to set your drink preferences.

For those that want only the best in coffee and convenience, Daily Cuppa Coffee offers the Gaggia Accademia Super Automatic Espresso Machine. Besides for its one touch programmable controls for your choice of beverage, the Accademia is outfitted with a new milk management system which froths the milk for you and dispenses it into your mug.

The fully detachable carafe can be removed and refrigerated to keep your milk fresh. Maintenance is really simple with the automated milk circuit cleaning and descaling cycles.

Enjoy your delicious specialty drink prepared completely by your super-automatic! Super-isn’t it?!

Daily Cuppa Coffee helps you enter the world of espresso with Gaggia’s Semi Automatic Machines. Control the quality of your shot with these machines. You grind and tamp the coffee and control the amount of water released by pressing a switch.

All these when done properly greatly enhance your espresso shot. With a small learning curve you can learn to get a consistently mouth-watering espresso. The ESE pod compatibility makes brewing hassle free- insert the pod, brew your shot and then discard of the spend pod

The Gaggia Classic is one the most popular Semi Automatic Machines. It is a durable machine with its stainless steel housing and marine brass portafilter and brew group.

A 3 way solenoid valve prevents the usual soupy mess in the portafilter by releasing the pressure built up during the brewing process and filtering the water left over in the group to the drip tray. A turbo steam wand helps you prepare excellent lattes and cappuccinos easily.

Some other great options available at Daily Cuppa Coffee are the Gaggia Evolution- a great entry level espresso machine and the Gaggia Baby Twin which has a Dual Heating System so that you can go from brewing to steaming within seconds.


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