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Löfbergs launches compostable capsules challenge

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Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs launches a longed-for environmental innovation: a completely plant-based and compostable capsule that turns to compost after twelve weeks. The capsules fit all Nespresso® machines and come in five different flavours.

-This is of course an innovation that we are especially proud of. Today’s consumers have high demands on both flavour and environmental impact. As our goal is to be the most sustainable coffee company in Europe, it is our responsibility to lead the development towards more sustainable products and solutions, says Lars Appelqvist, CEO at Löfbergs.

Leaves nothing but great taste

Place the coffee capsule in your Nespresso® machine, then enjoy a cup of coffee rich in flavour.

When you are ready, put the capsule in the organic waste bin together with potato peelings, leftovers and other bio-waste. It almost sounds too good to be true, but this is reality now. Together with Advanced Technology Innovations (ATI) from the Netherlands, Löfbergs has developed a fully plant-based coffee capsule.

-The capsules are made of fibres from sugar cane and sugar beet sorted as bio-waste. Under the right circumstances, they turn to topsoil in just twelve weeks, says Eva Eriksson, Sustainability Director at Löfbergs.


– The great challenge was to develop a capsule that really preserves the aroma in our good coffee, without requiring a lot of unnecessary and polluting packing. But now it’s solved and we can offer a compostable capsule with really tasty coffee, in a very small and resource-efficient package, says Eva Eriksson.

New coffee habits – possibilities and challenges

Around the world, our coffee habits are rapidly changing. New brewing methods are constantly gaining ground, especially capsules that offer coffee drinkers new possibilities of variation. There are a number of challenges as well.

The capsules are generating a lot of waste and often contain polluting plastics and aluminium. But now there is an alternative. This is naturally something Löfbergs is especially proud of.

– We were first with coffee packages free from aluminium in the 1990s, and we were also first with organic and Fairtrade labelled coffee in Sweden. With the compostable capsules filled with our certified good coffee, we continue to be a forerunner within sustainability, says Lars Appelqvist, CEO at Löfbergs.

The capsules in Sweden will be sold in Löfbergs own webshop, Löfbergs cafés and at retailers. The capsules are also sold in Denmark under the Peter Larsen brand which is a company within the Löfberg Group.

Five good news

The new series of coffee capsules include five sorts of coffee with different flavours, history and possibilities of use. They are compatible with all Nespresso® machines.

Nero Intenso: An intense and strong ristretto with notes of dried fruit and cacao. The coffee is organic.

Rosa Nera: A mild and pleasant espresso with sweetness and elements of cacao. The coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Oscuro Segrato: A classic espresso with notes of cacao with a strong and intensive finish. The coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Ethiopian Sidamo: A soft and smooth espresso/lungo with balanced and exotic notes of citrus, bergamot and chocolate. The coffee is organic.

Passionata: An espresso with mild and at the same time strong flavours of dried fruit and notes of chocolate. The coffee is organic.

*The capsule is sorted as food waste according to the municipal handling of household waste. The capsule and the coffee grounds will be included in the industrial composting. This means that it is composted according the European Union’s requirements for industrial composting. Get more information on how food waste is handled in your municipality.

*Nespresso is a third party registered trademark and has no association with Löfbergs.


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