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Less than one week until Green Coffee Summit 2022

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MILAN – We’re less than one week away from Green Coffee Summit 2022. The summit is taking place from 8AM PST/5PM CEST on October 18 and 20. It is possible to join live on green.sca.coffee. Green Coffee Summit is a free-to-attend online event featuring live presentations, panel discussions, and question-and-answer sessions driven by audience members. This year’s event will focus on two major consumer markets: North America and Europe.

The live event is designed to appeal to buyers and sellers alike, with buyer-focused content including exploration of impactful sustainability projects and a primer on sustainable pricing. Sellers will hear about the characteristics of different markets and consumption trends, followed by a discussion featuring the perspectives of buyers and successful sellers in the market.

Live Summit Program

October 18, 2022

The first day of the event – focused on the North American coffee market – will explore new tools that are available to help specialty coffee buyers understand and increase the impact of their green coffee purchasing, as well as presenting perspectives from green coffee buyers and sellers about the state of their businesses in 2022.

October 20, 2022

The second day of the event – focused on the UK and Europe – will highlight similarities and differences in what attributes are most highly valued by green coffee buyers (and their customers) across the region, and dig into the effectiveness of projects being done in pursuit of a sustainable sector.


Green Coffee Summit 2022: Getting to Know the European Coffee Market

This session will pair high-quality national data with the personal experiences of specialty coffee professionals for an overview of coffee consumption in the UK and Europe in 2022: who is drinking coffee, how their preferences are changing, and which companies are growing fastest to meet that demand.

Understanding Value in Coffee

Drawing upon advances in sensory science, the global expansion of specialty coffee, and a commitment to making specialty coffee a thriving, equitable, sustainability activity for the entire value chain, SCA speakers Kim Elena Ionescu, Dr. Mario Fernández Alduenda, Peter Giuliano, and Jenn Rugolo will discussion new research and dive into SCA’s initiative to evolve, advance and expand the existing cupping protocol and form into the Coffee Value Assessment System.

Direct Trade Impact Studies | Shauna Alexander

Direct Trade has been Stumptown’s sourcing philosophy for nearly 20 years. During that time, the company observed positive impacts of that model at coffee farm and community levels — but also recognized the limits of its observations.

Confronting Tomorrow’s Risks Today | Alexandra Tuinstra

Confronting Tomorrow’s Risks Today: Key Strategies for Reimagining Resilience in the Coffee Value Chain

Better Returns for Coffee Producers | Bridget Carrington

In 2019 coffee prices reached 12 year lows and although the last year has seen a welcome reversal of this trend, producers need to find ways of improving their resilience to market forces beyond their control.

Bruno Giestas | Instant Coffee: Domestic & Export Market Opportunities

The presentation will address how ABICS, the Brazilian Soluble Coffee Association, has been branding its products to appeal both to the different consumer segments, from quality to price sensitive, from specialty to conventional, and to the supply chain that provides the products to them.


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