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Le Piantagioni del Caffè unveils how it intends to bring quality coffee to a wider audience

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LIVORNO, Italy – Le Piantagioni del Caffè ‘s event Bloom with Us presented the results of its rebranding project and its new, innovative vision, aimed at making quality, artisanal coffee accessible. Tuesday’s evening’s online event, Bloom with Us, revealed the work carried out over 18 months of analysing the national and international market. Supported by Milanese strategic consultancy company IDEA Food & Beverage, Le Piantagioni del Caffè presented the results of its rebranding project, its new product lines and, crucially, the new model underpinning the roaster’s future direction.

The company spoke of its desire to make quality coffee accessible, transforming the language used to discuss it and breaking down barriers in a sector too often regarded as a niche.

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Artisanal coffee has been given a “pop” twist: accessible and transparent, ready to reach as many cups as possible. “We wanted to be ourselves, to convey who we are. Show people that our passion is contagious! Learning to appreciate quality coffee is simple, you just need the right tools –in taking this bold stance, we aim to provide such tools” says Iacopo Bargoni, managing director of the company.

“It’s no longer possible today – and nor do we think it’s appropriate – to put up barriers between industry professionals and consumers. We want to satisfy curious people’s desire for information, and help them make more informed, mindful choices.


Understanding the difference between different types of coffee is not difficult, and it’s not boring, it all comes down to communication!” adds Prunella Meschini, a member of the family that owns the roasting business and head of raw material quality control. There were many contributors to the event, including members of the company’s team, who talked about their valuable roles, and prestigious guests in the form of the roaster’s clients, who gave their thoughts on this new direction.

The event featured: Valentina Montesi and Eleonora Bodini, owners of Filter Coffee Lab in Pisa, Michele Valotti, chef at Trattoria La Madia in Brescia, Paolo Brunelli high-profile ice-cream and chocolate maker from Senigallia, Fotis Apostolidis from Greece, AST (Authorized SCA Trainer), and Vasi Andreica from Romania, owner of Anvas Coffee Company.

A change in favour of accessibility and simplicity, reinforced by the use of truly eye-catching graphic elements: loud colours, simple shapes and emotive illustrations that convey everything encapsulated in the quality coffee that this company produces.

Part of the project involved dividing the products into three new lines. Di Piantagione, celebrating the strong link between the roaster and the producers in the various source countries; Specialty People Blends, born from a desire to represent as many people as possible, with blends to suit all tastes; and Dirompenti, designed to break down the barriers that traditionally exclude less experienced consumers from the world of truly exceptional coffees.

This major project also involved a complete redesign of the company logo and website. If you missed the live event, or would like to check out the new design, you’ll find all the material at

Le Piantagioni del Caffè is a pioneer in Italy thanks to its practice of working directly with producers from the various source countries and producing single-estate coffees. It is a founder member of CSC (Certified Specialty Coffees) and a pioneer member of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, now the SCA – Specialty Coffee Association). It produces certified CSC, Fairtrade and Organic quality coffees in pure form and as blends. It provides constant support to the producers it works with, as part of a system of ongoing information exchange; it also supports end customers through specialised aftersales programmes, to offer consumers the best possible sensory experience.

IDEA Food & Beverage is a strategic consultancy and marketing firm with offices in Milan and Padua. It has many years’ experience working with clients to develop innovative projects to stand out in the market, applying a detailed and effective strategy and approach.


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