Thursday 25 July 2024
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Lavazza Professional adds more popular products to its Klix Eco Cup drinks portfolio

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MILAN – Lavazza Professional has forged ahead with its commitment to a dramatic reduction in plastic cup use by expanding the range of KLIX drinks that are available in the KLIX Eco Cup.

Introduced in February 2020, the cup was heralded as ‘a truly sustainable solution for hot drinks and the first of its kind in the vending industry’. The cups are constructed of a patented water-based dispersion barrier board, which is PEFC™ accredited and is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The expansion of the KLIX Eco Cup range is a further demonstration of Lavazza Professional’s commitment to ‘helping our customers to achieve their objectives’. Increasingly, customers are demanding that the products they purchase throughout their businesses are recyclable, plastic free and sustainable – and the breakroom is a major focus for them in this mission.

Customers can now purchase Lavazza Professional’s entire coffee range – Nescafe Gold Blend, Nescafe Original and Kenco – plus Lipton Lemon Tea in a KLIX Eco Cup. Moreover, the cup’s deployment is expanding to embrace the company’s cold drinks. A choice of flavoured water drinks, comprised of Citrus Fruits, Orange & Peach and Summer Fruits, is now available in the KLIX Eco Cup.

The company sees the KLIX Eco Cup as a pioneering breakthrough, bringing an exciting and sustainable solution to the vending world. The timing is apposite: currently only one in 400 cups are recycled.

The new cup can bring the industry a step closer to improving that statistic by using pioneering technology to drastically reduce the amount of PE plastic used in paper cups and in so doing, taking a significant step towards increasing cup recycling. It’s a compelling response to the urgent global requirement to reduce plastic waste.

Lavazza Professional contends that the Eco Cup is further proof that, when customers choose KLIX, ‘they are choosing the best technology available in the industry’.
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About Lavazza Professional

Lavazza Professional is part of the Lavazza Group and home of popular vending brands such as KLIX® and Flavia®. Lavazza Professional is a leader in vending, operating in Europe, North America and Japan, with offices based in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, North America and Japan and several production plants across all the geographies.

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