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MADE IN ITALY – La Spaziale at SIGEP 2014 – where the coffee world encounters pastry industry

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RIMINI, Italy – The 35° edition of SIGEP is in full swing in Rimini hosting the ice cream, pastry and artisan bakery world involving also all the various branches moving around coffee.

The merging of espresso culture with artisan ice cream and cake industry enhances “quality” and “made in Italy” as landmarks of a series of courses, demonstrations, thematic lectures, contests and competitions, among which, the final of Italian Barista Caffetteria Championship and of Latte Art e Coffee in Good Spirits Competition.

La Cimbali

La Spaziale, professional espresso coffee machines, has always emphasized the strategic value of this exhibition, specifically for the interest in the commercial contacts and for the attraction of all programmed events.

Also this year the Bolognaise company has chosen to be sponsor and to have La Spaziale coffee machines available for the events.


Thanks to the consolidated partnership with the Exhibition Organizers and the constant cooperation with Hausbrandt Caffè, the company will participate to SIGEP with its equipment in the areas involved with the competitions within Pastry Events for pastry, Bakery Events for bakery and the area dedicated to Cake Design and to Foreign Buyers.

The four big pastry events in the so called area “Times Square” (pad. B3-B5), are Juniores and Seniores and the international chocolate contest, The Star of Chocolate. Further to the extraordinary success of Frozen Caffè contest of last year, SIGEP is now proposing a new challenge, Caffè and Dolce Tiramisù, as charming merging of espresso coffee world and pastry.

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. of Saturday, January 18th, as outer contest of the world feminine pastry championship Pastry Queen, six teams composed of Baristas and 12 Pastry Experts coming from five different continents, are supposed to propose in a new original way one of the most appreciated desserts of Italian tradition, preparing a signature coffee based drink together with tiramisù.

The new and inedited creations of the contestants, to be followed through video streaming all over the world, are valued by a panel of journalists and expert operators in the industry.

The baristas will operate on S8 La Spaziale espresso coffee machines with various coffee blends so as brew “the espressos” to accompany their signature dessert proposal. The Caffè e Dolce Tiramisù contest at SIGEP will reward both the best barista and the most talented pastry expert.

S8 espresso coffee machines are available also by the stands of the most important Italian coffee roasters and at the company stand (hall A1 stand 195) where it is possible to admire the whole product range together with the advantages of La Spaziale technology.

S8-S9 La Spaziale: efficiency and high performance

La Spaziale S8-S9 series is inheriting the outstanding reputation of the well known S5 which has been successfully on the market for 7 years now.

The S8-S9 coffee machines offer a renewed body aesthetics and maintain the same functions and technical features.

The most important aspect of these coffee machines is the electronic boiler temperature regulation, that is to say the electronic temperature control which is set directly on the control-panel, through a led display visualizing the delivery temperature at any time.



The precise and sensitive adjustment of the operating temperature of the machine is essential when you want to grant an optimal and constant result in the cup with any coffee blend used.

The machines belonging to S8-S9 series can be equipped also with some optional functions which increase their efficiency, thus meeting the different requirements of the professional operators.

For those who use different coffee blends, for example, the S8-S9 allows to control and set the temperature of each group in a different and independent way (ITC).

Another function available is an additional steam wand with built-in sensor (MAT) for the automatic milk emulsion with temperature adjustment.

Furthermore, La Spaziale has developed for these models an automatic system to set a service scheduled maintenance program, such as for example the wear control for the group-heads to service and the control of water softening or of softener cartridge replacement: all these service functions are programmable on the machine through an external display.

Here are briefly some of the features of the S8-S9 series:

  • Electronic boiler temperature control
  • Boiler temperature indicated by led display
  • Automatic operating temperature boost function
  • Control of malfunction alarms
  • Steam valves operated by knob in the S8 and by lever in the S9

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