Wednesday 29 June 2022

La Marzocco launches Leva X 1-group coffee machine

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MILAN – La Marzocco has recently announced the addition to its Leva X line of manual lever machines, a single-group Prosumer version, which is almost identical in form, function and performance to its 2 and 3-group siblings, but in a more compact size.

According to preview information provided by Daily Coffee News, Leva X 1-group differs from its commercial counterparts in that its rotary water pump is internal, and it has an internal 2-liter water reservoir, as well.

The machine weighs 150 pounds, which is more than twice any other La Marzocco Home machine, and is also the only one in the Home line-up to require a 220V power source.

“What is a ‘Home’ machine is a highly debated topic, even in the halls of La Marzocco,” La Marzocco Global Product Manager Scott Guglielmino told Daily Coffee News.

“We make machines for passionate home baristas, with the goal of allowing them to have a café level coffee experience at home. To that point, there are a range of different desires and ‘best’ machines for every home barista, and we feel the Leva 1 Group is a great addition to a range of options.”

Also, among its features is a digital display of real time extraction data, with numerical and graphical representations of pressure, pre-infusion time and extraction time over the course of each shot and the ability to memorize the parameters of up to four shots.

The machine retails at €13,847 or $15,600.

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