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La Marzocco debuts in the grinding industry at Host with Swift Mini

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MILAN, Italy – La Marzocco, leader in espresso machine design, will open the doors of the Innovation Gallery, announcing its venture in the grinding industry with Swift Mini: a versatile, highly efficient simple-to-use on demand grinder that measures, grinds and tamps accurately and consistently, dose after dose.

Today’s launch will present the Swift Mini, the 1-group versions of the Leva & Modbar, while the unveilings for “Tomorrow” will be that of the Swan grinder prototype and next generation GB.

DVG De Vecchi

Concepts for the “Future” will include: La Marzocco Home IoT, the new Strada & Ams (Automatic Milk Steamer).

The Florentine company will also invite guests to make their first official acquaintance with Accademia Del Caffè Espresso, La Marzocco’s center for cultural-educational development and research that aims to build a sustainable future of espresso coffee (

La Cimbali

Additional exhibitions will feature the:

  • True Artisan Café (Modbar & Smart Label award-winning KB90)
  • Iconic Italian Leva-centered café
  • Custom “Home” & “Office Coffee” stations
  • Auto Brew Ratio on Linea PBX & Strada AV This 2019 Host edition will prove to be a stimulating bundle of machinery upgrades and opportunities for Horeca industry professionals, coffee shop owners, baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike.
swift mini
The 1-group versions of the Leva

This 2019 Host edition will prove to be a stimulating bundle of machinery upgrades and opportunities for Horeca industry professionals, coffee shop owners, baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike.

swift mini
The 1-group versions of the Modbar

Be guided by the engineers at Host Milan,18-22 october | pav.14 – booth f31 / g31 / g32.

La Marzocco in the grinding industry

Traditional wisdom holds there are four “M’s” (the coffee beans, the grinder, the espresso machine, and the hand of the barista) critical to espresso. Then the 5th M was added to claim the importance of maintenance.

The company writes in a press release:

“The quality of each of these items together defines the quality of espresso. For the past 92 years, we have endlessly pursued crafting the highest quality espresso machines. In this time, our relentless search for improvement has been matched by the tireless work of coffee producers, coffee roasters and baristas. In the past we have produced espresso coffee grinders ourselves.

The very founder of the company, Giuseppe Bambi, had designed the Vulcano in 1968, winning the “Decorative and Industrial Arts Prize” on occasion of the 14th Triennale di Milano exhibition.

We have then shifted those efforts in order to focus our attention to the espresso machine. As the espresso machine has evolved, so has their output. We have seen espresso coffee improve over our lifetime, and this improvement drives our passion. We have seen the opportunity to evolve and advance the espresso coffee grinder in the same way.

No matter the work done by the farmer or the barista, the espresso coffee grinder always limited their impact on espresso coffee quality. Nearly twenty years ago we began again to research and learn what can be improved in espresso coffee grinding.

We feel now is the time for us at La Marzocco to expand our efforts, to set out down a new pathway, and to bring the same innovation and evolution to espresso coffee grinding machines as we have brought to the espresso machine. Starting today, we are launching a revolution in grinding.

Over the next twelve months we will enter into the market with two unique espresso coffee grinders. The first has been designed for the home and office markets. For these people, the limitations of current espresso grinders have created a barrier to entry. Only the most passionate few were able to tame the complexities of grinding, dosing, and tamping coffee. Everyone has been relegated to prepackaged espresso pods, sacrificing quality.

Swift Mini

The Swift Mini

The Swift Mini removes the complexities of preparation, allowing the focus to return to the final cup, instead of the process. The second has been designed for the coffee bar.

The barista has had to work around the limitations of their grinding equipment; inconsistent dosing, heat, clumping, and retention.

We have focused on solving these problems in new and unique ways to allow the work of the farmer, roaster, and barista to take center stage.


A prototype of the Swan grinder will be shown at Host

The Swan grinder removes the compromises of existing coffee grinders, allowing the barista to prepare the highest quality coffee with ease.

As we set out into the grinder market, we look forward to our future; with the grower, the processor, the exporter, the importer, the roaster, and the barista. Together the strength of our work will improve a small moment in the lives of many, as they enjoy their beverage”.

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