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La Marzocco awarded and certified as “Great Place To Work” in Italy

Great Place To Wok

FLORENCE, Italy – La Marzocco in Scarperia, Florence has been recognized, awarded and certified as a “Great Place to Work” in Italy. “Great Place to Work” is an international brand dedicated to the examination of workplace culture and management support in creating an environment where employees define their workplace as empowering and remarkable.

La Marzocco strives to create and sustain a workplace culture where people feel safe, encouraged and equipped to explore and develop their talent, grow in their careers and personal lives.

Further, Great Place to Work has analyzed 3 aspects in the workplace: “Better for People, Better for Business, Better for the World”- themes key to La Marzocco.

Its socio-cultural-educational and community initiatives include: “Hands for Songwa”, school scholarship programs, summer camps for employees’ children, awards for staff & partners, leadership and skill-specific classes, language and fitness courses, R&D projects (i.e. 3D printing), sustainable studies and practices led in collaboration with prime universities worldwide.

The certification fully recognizes La Marzocco as an excellent work environment that creates a positive impact on the residing territory and within the industry.