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La Marzocco attended the SCA Expo 2024 in Chicago, with a booth with five distinct features

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SEATTLE, USA – La Marzocco, a leading Italian manufacturer of premium espresso machines since 1927, attended the SCA Expo 2024 in Chicago from April 12 th -14 th. This year, La Marzocco had a booth with five distinct features: True Artisan Café, Innovation Gallery on Tour, 3D Product Catalog, Officine Fratelli Bambi, and Consenso.

True Artisan Café is a longstanding feature of La Marzcco at SCA Expo events, and this year it will feature two coffee bars staffed by roaster partners from around the country for all three days of the event.

La Cimbali

This year, one of the coffee bars specifically featured Midwest roasters as a tribute to
the event’s host city. Both coffee bars featured a La Marzocco Strada S.

Innovation Gallery on Tour has been a successful tour showing off La Marzocco’s top technology with stops from coast to coast in the United States over the last year.


At La Marzocco’s booth at SCA Expo, Innovation Gallery on Tour featured the Strada X, Sync System, Wally Milk, Pico Grinder, and a yet-to-be-announced new product

The 3D Product Gallery showed off every product in La Marzocco USA’s catalog in person, allowing show attendees to interact with every piece of La Marzocco technology in person.

Officince Fratelli Bambi, La Marzocco’s custom espresso machine shop, attended the SCA Expo to show off one of their unique and handcrafted espresso machines.

Lastly, Consenso is a new project from La Marzocco that installs connected sensors on coffee plants at an estate in Tanzania in order to better monitor the effects of climate change on arabica coffee plants.

It’s the latest project from La Marzocco’s Internet of Things department, and is part of La Marzocco’s commitment to sustainability.

To learn more about the Swan please contact the following: Scott Guglielmino, Marketing Director La Marzocco USA


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