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La Colombe Coffee Roasters announces new beverage lineup

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PHILADELPHIA, U.S. — La Colombe, one of the largest independently owned 4th wave coffee company and the only vertically integrated ready-to-drink coffee company, is doubling down on their promise to deliver real coffee using real ingredients to America. La Colombe will present an array of new flavors and concepts including a line of ready-to-drink cold brew shandy, as well as their new multi-serve format, at their booth at Expo West: Hall B, booth 1575.

“We are always in search of what coffee can become and that is something that continuously drives us. At EXPO we will be presenting the next evolution of coffee,” said Todd Carmichael, CEO and co-founder of La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

La Colombe’s cold brew 42 oz. multi-serve is the first and only cold-brewed, cold-filled, large format coffee. Expertly roasted with a long legacy of high-quality coffee, La Colombe’s cold brew allows you to make your coffee just the way you like it from the comfort of your own home.

• Cold Brew Brazilian Medium/Dark Roast: Single origin, fully washed and sun-dried coffee beans from Brazil, this medium roast retains the naturally bold and nutty flavors of Brazilian coffee.

• Cold Brew Colombian Light Roast: Single origin, fully washed and sun-dried coffee beans from the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia, this coffee is roasted lighter to retain the naturally sweet effervescence of high-quality Colombian coffee.

“Multi-serve is something we’ve been thinking about for a while, but we waited until we could invent the technology to fill a bottle without heating up the plastic. It’s official. We have cracked that code,” shared Carmichael. “Ultimately what this is about is bringing home the absolute best cold brew coffee in America, to your refrigerator. We wanted to break down that wall where we become part of your morning routine and allow you the ability to customize your beverage how you like it.”

Leaning into their legacy of coffee sourcing and roasting, La Colombe decided to focus on the flavor profile of citrus in their newest innovation, noting that citrus is a tasting note that is present in most high elevation, higher scoring coffee. Therefore, it was a natural fit for La Colombe to pair the smooth taste of cold brew with the refreshing citrus of lemons, grapefruit and cherry. Nitrous-infused and made with light roasted Colombian organic coffee, La Colombe’s shandy collection offers a bright, refreshing flavor.

Made with light-roasted Colombian organic coffee and lemonade from lemons sourced from centuries-old groves along the Mediterranean coast in Sicily, Cold Brew Shandy Lemonade, a ready-to-drink beverage, brings a refreshing taste to the afternoon.

• Cold Brew Shandy Grapefruit: Made with light-roasted Colombian organic coffee and real pink grapefruit juice, this beverage offers a thirst-quenching pick-me-up.

• Cold Brew Shandy Cherry: Created with cherry sourced near from La Colombe’s production facility in Michigan, this cold brew shandy perfectly marries the light-roasted Colombian organic coffee with the tart taste of cherry.

“What we wanted this project to become is a coffee that is chug-able. This is not your average coffee. It’s the Arnold Palmer of coffee. It truly defies the limitations of the time of the day. This is an all-day kind of drink,” added Carmichael.

In addition to La Colombe’s newest 9 oz. ready-to-drink and 42 oz. multi-serve menu offerings, which will be available on tap, La Colombe will also be offering Oatmilk Draft Latte on-tap.

The total ready-to-drink coffee category is $4.1 billion in annual sales, and is growing at an average rate of 12 percent across all channels. In the grocery channel, La Colombe’s ready-to-drink beverages lead the category growth at 130 percent. The multi-serve segment is crowing 2x that of the total category growth, indicating consumers are also looking for ready-to-drink solution for their at-home needs.

Since the inception of the Draft Latte in 2017, Draft Latte has gained over 55,000 points of distribution nationwide and has achieved more than 51 percent ACV (Total US MULO). Due to La Colombe’s unique “innovalve” technology, which adds to the frothy experience, 66 percent of La Colombe first-time purchases are new to the ready-to-drink coffee category.4 All of this makes La Colombe one of the fastest growing ready-to-drink brands in the world.

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