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La Alameda Gardens harvest the first crop of Arabica coffee on Gibraltarian soil

Alameda coffee

GIBRALTAR – The first cup of coffee grown on the Gibraltarian soil was brewed last week at La Alameda Gardens. Arabica plants coming from Ethiopia and Yemens yielded a bountiful crop of coffee berries this year, which were processed, roasted and brewed on site, reports Gbc.

The coffee plants at the Alameda gardens have been there for about four years. Arabica plants aren’t usually very successful in Europe because they prefer tropical climes, but this crop has been doing very well this year, says Gbc.

The curators of the gardens harvested a decent crop of berries from the plants, and after a few days of research and toil, successfully came up with the end product.

Coffee growing is unlikely to become a commercial venture in Gibraltar, but this achievement is certainly an interesting anecdote in the history of Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.