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Kundalini Coffee Company: smokeless coffee roasting is greener and healthier

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ORO VALLEY, Arizona – Smokeless coffee roasting uses 400 times less fuel compared with traditional coffee roasting delivering up to 80% greenhouse emission has emerged in Arizona. Kundalini Coffee Company uses a breakthrough patented coffee roasting innovation, to disrupt traditional drum roasting. The women owned company, has come out with formula to disrupt the coffee sector. The company narrow focus; to deliver private label coffee to help business align with their target carbon coffee reduction.

Each year, globally, a mind-boggling 6.7 billion kg of coffee beans are roasted. This roasting emits volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are organic chemicals with a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature and carbon monoxide. Traditionally, as part of the roasting process, these emissions have to be oxidized in large industrial afterburners.

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Roasting and afterburning uses vast quantities of fuel and produces massive emissions. This is, in part, because roasting machines operate at very high temperatures (approx 290°C) and consume around one million British Thermal Units (BTU) an hour — equivalent to running a 400-horsepower car (Porsche 911 Turbo) solidly for a whole hour.

The coffee industry, has USA innovations and roasting technology that reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 80%. Most daily coffee in the USA and around the world is today roasted using the earlier-described process known as “drum roasting.”


Drum roasting first came out of European a patented coffee roasting process that emerged in USA around the 1940’s.

American roasting innovation ensued in coffee roasting sector around 1990. Now in 2020 an Arizona large scale coffee roasting company has been established smokeless roasting and energy efficiencies, 400 times less fuel compared with traditional drum roasting methods.

The more sophisticated patented USA roasting innovations also reduces coffee roasting time by up to 50% compared to the traditional drum roasting and greenhouse emissions by over 75%. Most large-scale coffee roasters in USA or other countries continue to use drum roasting and have not changed to the more environmentally friendly coffee roasting methods.

Kundalini Coffee company is a women-owned company specializing in private label and offering health and organic solutions to companies, offices, retail outlets who share kundalini Coffee Company vision for less greenhouse emissions.


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