Sunday 23 June 2024
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Kinder Joy toys come to life with Applaydu, a new app with augmented reality

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PARSIPPANY, N.J., US – Kinder’s new app, Applaydu, brings Kinder Joy toys to life through augmented reality in a fun world of discovery and imagination. Developed with Gameloft with educational guidance from Oxford University, Applaydu is filled with games, stories, and opportunities for creativity and exploration:

  • An Augmented Reality Experience that brings your child’s toys to life in the app by scanning the leaflet included in the Kinder Joy® egg. Every Kinder Joy ® toy enables the AR feature.
  • Mini-Games help your children build skills such as organization, memory, rhythm and motor skills, and teaches them information about subjects such as mathematics, geography and music.
  • “Craft Your Story” helps your kids learn sounds and vocabulary. Each crafted story becomes a personalized book that is stored in their library.
  • Unlockable “gifts,” including animated 3D characters, avatar costumes, and personalized adventure books, are awarded for completing achievements and experiences within the app.
  • Customizable avatars allow your children to portray their favorite animals and characters.
  • Parental controls, including a pin-protected feature through which parents can follow their child’s development and progress with detailed activity reports.

“Kinder has always been about creating special moments when parents can connect with their children and we’re finding new ways to make those moments even more memorable,” said Felipe Riera Michelotti, Vice President of Marketing, Kinder®, North America. “With a whole world of games and activities to explore in Applaydu, even more surprises and special moments are in store for families with each Kinder Joy egg.”

Parents can discover more fun with Kinder Joy® through the new “Go Wild Safari Series,” a YouTube series developed for parents to help engage their children through exploration and the joy of learning. The series will consist of 16 episodes, featuring real families, amazing animal facts, and hands-on activities to spark the imaginations of both parents and kids. To create the series, Ferrero partnered with Brand Programming Studios, creators of the award-winning PBS series What’s Good, actress Claire Coffee, and Coyote Peterson from the popular YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness.

Applaydu is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The Go Wild Safari Series can be viewed on the Kinder Joy YouTube Channel.


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