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Kahlúa Zero Likes Given: An exhibition that received zero likes on Instagram

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Kahlúa actively champions the sentiment that life, and everything in it – from coffee to cocktails to social media – should be taken less seriously. In a Kahlua survey of millennials, over 90 percent said it’s important to live in the moment, while more than half have missed an important moment because they were trying to capture it on social media.

The Zero Likes Given exhibition by Kahlúa, hosted by actress Jackie Cruz, is an effort calling on people to take a break from the pressures of their like count, liberating them by encouraging everyone to enjoy life in the moment – and take social media likes a little less seriously.

Like it or not, we’re in the age of the double-tap. A study1 commissioned by Kahlúa also found:

  • Over 90 percent of surveyed U.S. millennials on social media say it’s important to live in the moment, while more than half have missed an important moment because they were trying to capture it on social media.
  • Over 60 percent say it is important to them that their photos get likes.
  • More than a third (34%) check for likes a minute or less after posting.

Even more surprising, one third of the millennials on surveyed say they would miss social media more than they would miss sex, if stranded alone on an island.

“I enjoy posting photos that I find interesting, but I don’t obsess over my social media numbers – I’d prefer to sip an espresso martini with my friends than to continuously check my like count any day,” said ‘Orange is the New Black’ actress, Jackie Cruz. “That’s why Kahlúa and I created the Zero Likes Given exhibition, people need to take likes, and themselves less seriously. With the intensity of social media nowadays, it’s a refreshing reminder to live in the moment and to have some fun.”

According to Giancarlo Martins, Kahlúa Global Communications Lead, “Life has become too serious, with social media showing an artificially perfect view of life. Even coffee and cocktails are now required to be picture-perfect! Kahlúa embodies the fun side of coffee, so we’re taking likes less seriously in the spirit of our own brand and providing a call to action for everyone out there to do the same – we want consumers to enjoy hanging out with friends more than they enjoy garnering likes.”


To celebrate zero liked images on social media, Kahlúa created the #BottomNine website so consumers from all over the globe can also join in on the action. This #BottomNine tool allows people to login with their Instagram account and generate their nine least liked images on Instagram so consumers can reminisce about these forgotten gems. You can create your own #BottomNine by visiting

To celebrate the beauty of “unliked” images, the Zero Likes Given exhibition by Kahlúa will pop up in New York City. Inside the gallery, dozens of Instagram gems – originally posted from consumers all over the world and consisting entirely of zero-liked photography – will be on display. One highlight… the oldest zero-liked Instagram image, which was posted in 2010, a day after Instagram first launched.

Visit or follow #ZeroLikesGiven on Twitter and Instagram for more information.


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