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K+ Coffee is the first online brand in the UK targeting the Gen Z Market

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MILAN – K+ Coffee is the first online coffee brand in the UK focusing on the Gen-Z and Millennials with innovative at-home coffee beverages, with a mission to provide the younger generation with pioneering coffee solutions to suit their contemporary lifestyle. K+ Coffee aims to provide UK Gen Z and Millennials with the best at-home coffee products with Barista quality.

Their signature product is the “Drip Coffee Bags” that comes in 7 different flavours. Each Easy Pour Over Drip Filter Coffee Bag is individually packed with 100% roasted & ground Arabica coffee from wonderful origins worldwide. The flavours include Blue Mountain Blend, Columbia, Ethiopia, ManBa Blend, Gold Blend, Golden Manheling, and Italian Blend.

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Coffee has been seen as a thing for the baby boomer generation. The younger generation have not had a coffee brand reflecting their unique identities and different needs, and this narrative is what K+ is rewriting.

K+ Coffee stand out as the first coffee brand in the UK to offer a range of Drip Coffee Bag flavours and focuses on the Gen-Z market with fun and interactive packaging designs.


Coffee is the second most consumed beverage behind water, worldwide. By focusing especially for Gen-Z and Millennials, K+ Coffee adheres to the growing consumer preferences in environmental and social awareness and aim to embed sustainability into every aspect of its business supply and value chain.

“K+ Coffee strives to be the coffee of the future, and we’re excited to put a smile on your face every time you drink a cup of it,” said Tina Diab, Founder of K+. “We are constantly researching for innovations to improve our coffee products, with the ambitious goal of soon offering 100% biodegradable packaging and be more sustainable,” she added.

To read more about K+ coffee and how it runs an environmentally friendly operation, visit


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