Thursday 13 June 2024
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Juan Valdez flagship store set to open in Dubai

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DUBAI, UAE – Juan Valdez, a 100% Premium Colombian Coffee brand made from individually handpicked Arabica Beans by passionate coffee growers, is set to open its first flagship store in the UAE this February. The brand currently exists in over 40 countries worldwide with more than 560 coffee shops and now it is set to open its doors in Dubai.

With its inaugural outlet set to open in Jumeirah 2, Juan Valdez; the brand of the coffee growers, is introducing its hand-picked coffee beans, globally known for their unique flavour profile.

Juan Valdez unique harvesting process is the key differentiator; the use of the handpicking process is a more time-intensive and costly method but ensures that the coffee beans are picked from cherries that are 100% ripe, thereby significantly impacting the quality of the coffee and guaranteeing excellence in every cup.

Beyond the delightful coffee offerings, the brand’s commitment to sustainability takes center stage at its flagship Jumeirah 2 outlet. The outlet’s dedication to environmental responsibility is not merely a token gesture but an integral part of its ethos.

Juan Valdez cultivates its coffee beans in the fertile lands of Colombia

They have perfected the art and science of craft coffee from farm to cup over the last 95 years since its inception in 1927, with the formation of the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers.

But what truly sets Juan Valdez apart, like no other coffee brand, is its commitment to the farmers who cultivate their coffee.


The brand takes pride in giving back to over 540,000 coffee-growing families who have played a pivotal role in its journey. Going beyond a mere coffee brand, Juan Valdez proudly carries the B-Corp Certified sustainability-first banner.

This certification underscores its dedication to responsible practices, thoughtful social change, and positive global impact. The brand’s sustainability initiatives extend to supporting programs, communities, and coffee farms, particularly those led by women experts in Colombian coffee.

By choosing Juan Valdez, consumers not only indulge in a unique coffee experience but also contribute to a brand that actively engages in shaping a more sustainable future.


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