Friday 12 April 2024
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Jot transforms the at-home coffee experience with Ultra Coffee

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NEW YORK, U.S. — Jot launches today to transform any morning routine, afternoon lull or evening nightcap with its flagship product, Ultra Coffee: a liquid 20 times more concentrated than common coffee. Just one tablespoon of Ultra Coffee, plus a splash of water or milk (hot or cold), is all it takes to create an excellent at-home experience.

The company writes in a press release: “Jot brings an inventive spirit to the best of coffee’s time-honored culture. The result is unmistakable: an exceptionally pure liquid that delivers unparalleled clarity of flavor, versatility and convenience.

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Ultra Coffee is the best expression of coffee, thoughtfully extracted from organic, fair trade beans. The product arrives direct-to-consumer in a sleek, reusable 200mL Italian glass bottle and makes up to 14 cups of consistently perfect coffee.

“There’s nothing like this on the market,” states Jot co-founder Andrew Gordon. “We created Ultra Coffee to offer an exceptional coffee experience anywhere, at any time and added instantly to any routine. This is the future of coffee.”

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Jot deploys a progressive, reverse gravitational extraction technique that’s intentionally slow and precise. The team’s innovative approach turns traditional coffee brewing on its head, literally.

“Imagine making an enormous, slow, upside-down espresso with impeccable precision to eliminate over-extraction,” says Jot co-founder, Palo Hawken. “This is not a twist on an existing coffee brewing technique. It’s a completely new process.”

Today’s at-home coffee drinker faces a choice between ease and excellence (i.e. pod versus pour-over, Folgers versus French press, crystals versus cold brew). Jot brings the artisanal coffee shop experience directly to your door – no expensive or time- consuming equipment required.

“Coffee is one of the most complex foods in the world with over a thousand compounds contributing to flavor and aroma,” Hawken says. “Even in the world’s best coffees, we’ve learned to accept off-flavors that are inherent to traditional brewing, but what if we don’t have to compromise?”

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