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JM Smucker achieves multiple 2020 Environmental Goals a year early

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ORRVILLE, Ohio, U.S. – The J. M. Smucker Company has published its 2019 Corporate Impact Report detailing the meaningful impact it continues to have on the planet, supply chains, consumers, employees and communities.

“We know that for us to truly thrive, we must take an active role in helping those associated with us thrive as well,” said Mark Smucker, President and Chief Executive Officer, The J. M. Smucker Company. “Our Thriving Together mentality is built on a single philosophy: being a financially successful business and a responsible one are not mutually exclusive concepts.”

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Corporate Impact highlights from the past year include:

Environmental Impact

  • Achieving the Company’s 2020 goal of reducing 95% of waste from landfills a year early.
  • Exceeding the Company’s 2020 water use intensity reduction goal of 15% a year early.
  • Signing a long-term virtual power purchase agreement that will significantly reduce the Company’s greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that by 2020 approximately 50% of its total electricity use is addressed by wind energy.

Supply Chain Impact

  • Reaching a milestone in the Company’s continued efforts to strengthen the green coffee supply chain – over the last five years Smucker has supported 16,500 smallholder coffee producers by improving 19,950 hectares of land and facilitating $2.4 million in loans.
  • Establishing an affiliation with Field to Market and continuing the Company’s leadership role with the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops to support agricultural sustainability.
  • Formalizing the Company’s commitment to animal welfare and belief that all animals should be treated with care and compassion throughout their lives.

Consumer Impact

  • Joining the SeeHer initiative as part of its continued commitment to portray women as successful role models.
  • Adding How2Recycle language to a selection of the Company’s coffee products making it easier for consumers to know the best way to recycle packaging components.
  • Leveraging SmartLabel and other techniques to provide ingredient and packaging transparency so consumers can make the best choices for themselves and loved ones.

Employee Impact

  • Providing professional skills training to more than 3,400 employees.
  • Reinforcing employee safety practices and protocols – resulting in a Total Incident Rate three times better than the industry average.
  • Improving the flexibility the Company offers employees to effectively manage their professional and personal responsibilities through enhanced flexible scheduling and remote work options.

Community Impact

  • Donating more than 23 million meals to people and pets in need.
  • Pledging $500,000 to support the Akron Children’s Hospital Reach Out and Read child literacy program.
  • Supporting the Red Cross as a Disaster Responder partner in its efforts to help those impacted by tragedies including Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael and the California wildfires.

Learn more about The J. M. Smucker Company’s impact on the planet, supply chains, consumers, employees and communities by reviewing the complete 2019 Corporate Impact Report and video highlighting key achievements:


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