Monday 20 May 2024
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JAPAN (VIDEO) – Robot barista can serve you a cup of coffee

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At Japan Robot Week, which kicked off Wednesday, Kawada Industries Inc. is displaying a robot barista at its booth.
Called Nextage, the company describes it as a “next-generation industrial robot.” It debuted in 2011 and has already been working for some manufacturing firms, assembling electronics components.
Industrial robots including Nextage have already proven their usefulness inside manufacturing plants. But Kawada Industries, a Tokyo-based robot maker, wants to show they can be useful outside of factories as well.
The robot, which appeared to stand around 170 cm tall, had a large flat head with two cameras for eyes and wore a brown apron.
Visitors used a tablet computer to choose what coffee flavours they would like and whether they wanted milk and sugar. Once the order was given, the robot picked up a single-serving coffee capsule and put it into a coffee machine using its two-finger hands.


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