Monday 27 June 2022

Jade Leaf celebrates second Annual National Matcha Day on May 2nd

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SEATTLE, USA — Matcha serves as a great alternative to coffee for a cleaner, more sustainable, morning ritual as Americans continue to search for something different to fuel their day. Jade Leaf is perfectly positioned to act as a trusted guide through the surge of interest from matcha-curious Americans. Jade Leaf, founded in San Francisco, offers Keto friendly, Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Whole30 approved, and farm-direct Japanese matcha at a fair price.

Jade Leaf is celebrating matcha on May 2nd, 2022 with FREE matcha drinks at select San Francisco, San Diego, and Portland cafes along with one of their deepest publicly available online discounts

“National Matcha Day is a day for matcha lovers across the country to celebrate their love for matcha,” said Marc St. Raymond, co-founder of Jade Leaf. “We are paying homage to tea farmers across Japan. May 2nd is known as Hachiju Hachiya (translating to the “88th Night” that refers to the 88th date of the traditional Japanese calendar). Tea farmers consider Hachiju Hachiya as a favorable date to begin the Spring tea harvest — it seemed natural that all matcha lovers would celebrate their [tea farmers] efforts on this momentous day.”

Since 2014, Jade Leaf has amassed over 3MM+ customers through online and retail channels, earned 75K+ 5-star customer reviews while maintaining the #1 top-selling matcha brand online and in retail.

Matcha is quickly moving up consumer search trends – more than doubling each year – as something new, exciting, and useful with its functional benefits of giving clean energy, boosted immunity, and helpful antioxidants.

Jade Leaf most recently launched keto and paleo-friendly Collagen Matcha Latte Mixes in both Unsweetened and Sugar Free options, cementing themselves as an innovative leader in the matcha and tea industry!

National Matcha Day on May 2nd

To celebrate the second annual National Matcha Day on May 2nd people in San Francisco, San Diego, and Portland can visit these select cafe partners across select cities: [San Francisco] Home Coffee and Aura Tea, [San Diego] Naked Cafe, [Portland] Less and More Coffee, Super Joy Coffee, and In J Coffee.

At participating cafes ask for a matcha-based drink, and receive it for FREE while supplies last. For a full list of participating SF, LA, and Portland cafes visit Jade Leaf’s Blog at or follow @JadeLeafMatcha on Instagram.

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