Thursday 23 May 2024
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ITALY – Solair and SIPE launch a new end-to-end solution for the Vending and Office Coffee Service market

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CASALECCHIO DI RENO (Bologna, Italy) – Data without an application is of no use at all. This is the idea at the basis of the partnership between Solair, the Italian software house specialised in developing Cloud based IoT applications and Sipe, a company from Zola Predosa that has been designing and manufacturing high-tech printed circuit boards for domestic and industrial uses since 1989.

The partnership between the two companies was set up to pool their skills and to offer market solutions that were able to create added value for the final customer.

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The two companies who have long been partners in the field of IoT/M2M, after many months of hard work developed a vertical end-to-end solution for the vending market (vending machines) and office coffee service (OCS).

In particular, the partnership between the two companies focused on the Sipe data collection and transmission and its link to the innovative Solair cloud IoT platform that can collect integrate and create value on the information received.


Together the two companies have one of the first complete solutions on the market for remote controlled real time monitoring of any electronic device to manage the Product Lifecycle Management of the machine itself.

Every machine today, from domestic appliances to industrial machinery can be connected to a “cloud” to do preventive maintenance, software updates, to configure parameters, usage analysis and alerts etc; in other words Asset monitoring.

It is in this field that the partnership between Sipe and Solair comes into play which focuses on introducing intelligence that makes it possible to monitor machines and intervene when necessary.

A reduction in operating costs, improved performance in terms of reliability, efficiency and safety are just some of the advantages that this type of end-to-end solution can offer.

“The value of IoT is not in data collection on its own but in everything that can be considered beyond the data through the development of purpose designed applications” explained Tom Davis, CEO of Solair.

“Our intelligent Cloud platform integrates the data from IoT and M2M into business processes and ensures greater profitability for all those involved.”

“The partnership with Solair arose from our research on new solutions and the desire to offer customers the best solution to strengthen their business’ explained Flavio Bazzigotti, Sales Director and shareholder of Sipe.

“This partnership has allowed us to enrich our know-how in the electronics industry with Solair’s software skills, in a process of continuous technological innovation.”


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