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ITALY – Eurochocolate protagonist of the Expo Milano 2015 cacao cluster

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MILAN – Eurochocolate will play a leading role with Expo Milano 2015 in the content design and commercial management of the Cacao Cluster, one of the nine pavilions dedicated to the key names and food chains surrounding the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The partnership was announced jointly by Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Expo 2015 S.p.A., and Eugenio Guarducci, President of Eurochocolate.

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Eurochocolate, the noted Perugia company and organizer of major chocolate events including the International Eurochocolate Festival, has been named project and cultural advisor to the Cacao Cluster, thanks to over 20 years’ experience of such initiatives and a consolidated network of international contacts including the main institutional and business players in the industry.

With the signing of the partnership, Eurochocolate took part in the Cluster Participants Meeting held by Expo Milano 2015 in Bergamo, which brought together all the countries and partners involved in content design and management for the various thematic clusters of the Universal Exposition.


“The partnership between Expo Milano 2015 and Eurochocolate is a very happy one,” explained Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Expo 2015 S.p.A.

“With the active participation of Eurochocolate in the content design and organization of events for the Cacao Cluster, the Universal Exposition will be able to offer the expected 20 million visitors an edifying and fun experience of enormous value.

The network with which the Chocolate Festival has worked for more than 20 years will allow Expo Milano 2015 to show the world the heights that Italy and Europe have reached in the field of confectionary.”

“Eurochocolate’s presence at Expo 2015 represents a source of great pride for us, in recognition of our strategic role in the promotion and enrichment of the culture of chocolate,” said Eugenio Guarducci, President of Eurochocolate.

“Our task will be to highlight the biggest names in chocolate in this country, reinforce synergies with the world of research, dialogue with the cacao producer countries represented in the clusters and with sustainable trade organizations worldwide beginning with Fairtrade, and provide a major and effective showcase for Italian chocolate producers.”

Working in close collaboration with Expo Milano 2015, Eurochocolate will bring to bear all its creative and story-telling capacities to construct a rich and innovative program with which to illustrate the fascinating world of the Food of the Gods.

The aim is to take the Universal Exposition public on an exciting journey, from the cacao plantation to the final wrapped product, to engage, inform and educate, placing the visitor experience centre-stage.


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