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Iran to host International Coffee Festival with top industry competitors

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TEHRAN, Iran – The sixth Iran International Coffee Festival, also known as Coffeexiran 2018, will be running for four days from 29 August in Boustan Goftogou, Tehran.

Besides presenting some of the best coffee brands in the world and their products, the festival will feature numerous side events such as free workshops for coffee lovers.

The festival’s main events include:

  1. Barista competitions and the grand prize for latte art
  2. The dos and don’ts of coffee brewing with Cezve: In this workshop Stavros Lamprinidis, the 2014 champion of Cezve/ Ibrik competitions will share years of experience for working with the oldest tool for brewing coffee (Cezve) and the dos and don’ts of brewing quality coffee with it.
  3. Workshop on coffee extraction, water, and freshness presented by Mansour Ehsani (winner of the second national Iranian barista competition).
  4. Meeting of Farhangestan Coffee Research Institute.
  5. Expert coffee roasting and gourmet tasting: Workshops are available to participants from home and abroad to roast their coffee beans and have gourmet tasting sessions in order to evaluate their brands.

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