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Introducing the world’s first Espresso Martini eau de parfum inspired by Absolut & Kahlúa: Blend No. 83

For a limited-time only, the fragrance will come with a show-stopping '80s-inspired crystal martini coupe-like bottle to dab on the Espresso Martini essence

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NEW YORK, USA – Absolut & Kahlúa, the power pair behind the Espresso Martini, are celebrating the holidays and cementing their union with the release of Blend No. 83 – a fragrance by Absolut x Kahlúa. With the ’80s influencing everything from fashion and beauty to holiday trends, this sensorial gift is a whimsical interpretation of the cocktail’s resurgence in culture while also paying homage to its origin story and decade.

For a limited-time only, the fragrance will come with a show-stopping ’80s-inspired crystal martini coupe-like bottle to dab on the Espresso Martini essence.

It’s no secret that the Espresso Martini is contagious, and it all started back in 1983 when a famous bartender had a unique request from a top model in his London bar. The Espresso Martini was born as a cocktail with a story, a history and a legacy.

And according to a recent survey*, 91% of Espresso Martini drinkers say that when they smell espresso or coffee in a bar, it makes them want to order an Espresso Martini, and a majority consider it their preferred holiday cocktail. Enter Blend No. 83, the world’s first Espresso Martini eau de parfum made by Absolut & Kahlúa.

“Like most Espresso Martini aficionados, we can’t get enough of the cocktail’s velvet warming flavor profile. This holiday, we want to spread Espresso Martini cheer and what better way to get people in the mood than with the must-have scent (and cocktail) of the season?” said Matt Foley, Vice President Marketing, Absolut & Kahlúa. “We know the most delicious Espresso Martinis are made with Absolut and Kahlúa so the brands inspired a fragrance, Blend No. 83, sure to spark conversation and of course, the desire to order an Espresso Martini.”

When it comes to the Espresso Martini, Absolut is the go-to vodka for mixing with Kahlúa coffee liqueur, a must-have ingredient and the top spirits brand associated with the Espresso Martini*. In partnership with inventive perfumery, Imaginary Authors, Blend No. 83 contains notes of Dark Chocolate, Sugarcane Rum, Arabica Coffee, Velvety Foam and Night Musk, flooding the senses with silky richness just as if sipping an Espresso Martini.


“Our fragrances are known for conjuring and creating memories, and what better memories than celebrating the holidays with friends and family over an Espresso Martini?” said Josh Meyer, Perfumer & Owner of Imaginary Authors. “Like the iconic cocktail itself, this first-of-its-kind fragrance inspired by Absolut and Kahlúa is decadent, complex, and utterly irresistible, making for a surprisingly wearable experience. Indulge your senses with this scent of the season or give this sensorial gift to create new memories together.”

Absolut & Kahlúa continue to be woven through Espresso Martini history by bridging a classic favorite with cocktail innovation – and now reimagining the signature serve as a signature scent**. Blend No. 83 is available for pre-order today ($105) with complimentary flacon while supplies last and will begin shipping early December. Visit to purchase and learn about fun & festive ways to mix up an Espresso Martini with @absolutus & @kahlua.

*Source: Quantilope Espresso Martini Survey, Sept 2023
**Blend No. 83 is not edible


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