Sunday 23 June 2024
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INTL FCStone Inc. launches risk management platform for the middle-market

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NEW YORK, NY, U.S. – INTL FCStone Inc., a leading provider of financial-services execution, risk management, market intelligence, and post-trade services across asset classes and markets around the world, today announced that it has launched Converge.

Converge is an innovative analytic and risk management platform that allows middle-market participants to manage their commodities exposure.

Converge applies INTL FCStone’s superior global reach and capabilities to the unique needs of middle-market organizations operating within the commodities and foreign exchange space, enabling them to organize, track, and analyze commodities positions and thereby make more informed business decisions.

Converge provides a comprehensive, fully customizable offering for retail producers and consumers of exchange-traded products that require the services of a brokerage firm to connect to global financial markets, but lack the resources of traditional account holders.

The platform interacts with commodity exchanges worldwide and enables users to enter custom commodity prices, and track and manage futures market as well as cash market positions.

Converge utilizes real-time data to deliver an exhaustive suite of analytics and value-added risk management solutions, including swaps and forwards, as well as common vanilla and options strategies.


Users can position their products in a manner that provides protection and enables margin growth through world-class hedging capabilities and risk management tools. Converge leverages the substantial resources of INTL FCStone, a market leader in all widely traded commodities for almost 100 years.

Jared Ortner, Director of Innovation, Commercial Technology at INTL FCStone Inc., commented on today’s news, “From the small coffee grower in Colombia to the regional supermarket chain in the U.S. Midwest, Converge users can customize their risk management solutions and rely on our proven analytical instruments to protect their bottom line.

The intuitive, easy-to-navigate SaaS platform combines our cutting-edge technology, risk management solutions and deep market expertise, providing middle-market organizations with unparalleled financial transparency and risk tools, which allows them to efficiently manage risk and focus more time on their core businesses operations.”

Converge provides clients with a world-class mechanism to guard themselves against adverse market conditions utilizing sophisticated strategies once reserved for the largest market participants. Its intuitive functionality streamlines the management of multiple commodity positions.

The platform includes dozens of report options that help users to understand their positions, exposures, and historical performance, as well as analyze “what if” scenarios.

Converge also provides users with industry-leading financial market insights as well as educational materials on risk management, foreign exchange and commodities, enabling users to more effectively plan their go-to-market strategies.

Ortner concluded, “Converge allows middle-market operators to identify and understand risk embedded in commercial activities, and develop detailed situational analysis, all on a historical performance dashboard that tracks physical activities and related hedges.

The platform provides users with a powerful tool to capture, analyze and present mark-to-the-market value on a delta-adjusted basis.

Research and preparation are the cornerstones of any successful business, and Converge offers an extensive library of resources that clients can utilize to optimize their understanding of the financial landscape and the outside market factors that affect their businesses.”


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