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Interkom at Host reinvents how to drink Cascara and brings the new Robot Roaster

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NAPLES, Italy – At Host Milano 2019, Interkom is presenting a range of brand new products for the Italian market: first with CerTeza, the dried coffee cherry infusion, then with Plata, the biscuit made from coffee silver skins to clean the mouth during cup tastings and then perfumes, technology and much more. So many innovations to help coffee roasters expand on their range of products.

Numerous, important new products will be presented at HOST Milano, which will take place from 18 to 22 October. The Neapolitan company Interkom, with over 40 years’ experience in the green coffee trade, invites visitors to its exhibition space – booth T10 T14 – pavilion 22 – to experience the innovations aimed at roasters who wish to include special and sophisticated products in their range.

During the coffee trade show, tea (made from coffee!) takes on the starring role

Interkom is starting to sell the famous Cascara, the dried coffee cherry. This is completely new for the Italian market and confirms the Neapolitan company’s role as leader among green coffee traders.

A real challenge that the importer has decided to dedicate itself to completely, resulting in a product that, despite already being known, will be something new and different as its method of preparation is innovative, a method that is totally lacking on the international market.

CerTeza is the name of the product, the use of which has been patented by Interkom; it is an infusion made using Arabica coffee cherries from El Salvador, which have been depulped, deseeded and dried naturally. Interkom has selected the best fruit directly from the plantation to create a pleasantly sweet and incredibly scented drink with hints of plum and red fruits.interkom

Biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to tea

With this in mind, Plata was created. This technical biscuit, shaped like a coin – from which it derives its name – meets the needs of professional cup tasters who wish to clean their mouth between the various tastings.

Plata is a small, rough biscuit with a neutral taste and a low-fat component. Its characteristic feature is that of enhancing the aromas and fragrances of coffee that it is tasted with thanks to the presence of gluten-free flours and coffee silverskin, the lightly colored chaff of green coffee. A gluten-free product meets a gluten-free drink.

From a recipe by Giovanni Gentile, resident chef of the WAPO restaurant in Naples where gluten-free meets gourmet cuisine and wellness to create a must-have recipe.Interkom

Not just taste, coffee is above all about smell

In addition, Interkom is launching a line of fragrances, which speak of the origin, soul and heart of coffee, celebrating the essence of its creation: the plantation, where life and time meet.

Tiempo de Café awakens the memory in three moments in the life of coffee, a product that we meet every day and that is rooted in faraway worlds: Antes, the relaxing and seductive flower; Mientras, the crisp cherry, inviting like a fruit sorbet, and Después, the bold and irreverent bean with a strong character and a sinuous heart.

Introducing the ROaBOsTer

This year’s edition of Host Milano will feature a strong technological and innovative component, increased by the presentation of ROaBOsTer: the compact automated micro-roaster that creates personalised coffee blends in real time according to the customer’s needs using a totem touch screen or smartphone app, following the entire production process on-site through a six-axis robot arm.

An innovative and intuitive machine, the brainchild of Mario Rubino and created by Totaro Srl, designed to add value for department stores or large retailers, it inspires curiosity and captures attention and is aimed at genuine coffee lovers: creative, perfectionist and a little bit geeky.

The innovations don’t stop here: just a few days ago the company had announced the market entry of specialty coffees with the launch of the Yes, I am specialty! line, expanding its range of solutions on offer to its customers.

To coincide with the event in Milan, Interkom announces the launch of its e-commerce platform dedicated to specialty coffees. Its aim is to further increase the range of products available online and will soon offer the possibility of directly purchasing the products designed by Mario Rubino, including the CerTeza infusion, the Plata biscuits and the Tiempo de Café perfumes, thereby adding value to the portal.

So please come and discover the new manner of experiencing coffee and visit Interkom’s booth T10 T14 – pavilion 22 at Host Milano.

The company

Interkom was founded in 1977 and is specialised in the raw coffee trade.
The headquarter in Naples is the core of the company’s trading, logistics and quality control operations and is where the facilities forming its network are coordinated, in particular the Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

The success achieved over the years has meant the company to always offer new products and services to roasters, increasing the range of origins available and providing assistance and advice in creating personalised blends.

The launch of the e-commerce and new products, among which stand out the specialty coffee selections and the cascara, confirms Interkom benchmark role for italian and european roasters and its intention to cover the entire supply chain.

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