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Innovative Coffee Company Still Coffee set to launch officially on Amazon

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MILAN — The Still Coffee is looking like the latest addition to the Still Company family as a recent announcement from the company shows the imminent launch of the brand in July 2019 at the Amazon marketplace. The Still brand is known for staying true to the teaching of Christianity as the brand has been built to reflect the preaching of the state. Consequently, The Still Company and the Still Gospel Coffee team work hard to maintain their spotless Christian image.

The Still Coffee defines itself as is unique in all its form, starting from the logo that represents peace, love, and hope. The product is specially made to help drinkers start their day on the best possible note, offering them a better cup of coffee as opposed to what is currently available on the market. This is in addition to providing customers with a worry-free shopping and more productive days.

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The launch of Still Coffee is also in line with the brand’s goal of creating a home for the disabled, which is in tandem with the true spirit of the Berlio family. Consequently, a whopping 25 percent of the profit generated will be channeled towards achieving a long-term goal that includes the cultivation of highly-professional team members in addition to steady profits.

This is in addition to investing 60 percent of profits towards the development of the coffee industry. The earmarked profits will be used for education and training, as well as the purchase of equipment, hardware facilities, software, and new product development. Part of the profit will also go for the expansion of the Still brand image and the continuous growth of the Still company’s social influence.


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