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Indian millennials relate to coffee as a companion, says a survey by Lavazza

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CHENNAI, India – Lavazza concludes its Valentine’s Week project with the release of the results obtained from the survey “Brewing Conversations”, whose aim was to gather insights on whether coffee is a ‘companion’ or a ‘motivator’ for Indian millennials and Gen-Z population. Over 3000 young people from across all major Indian cities responded to this survey.

Some key highlights of the survey by Lavazza include:

  • A motivator in the mornings
    As a morning beverage, coffee provides the right energy that helps to make conversations throughout the day, thus it acts as a motivator. Nearly 50% of the respondents opt for a cup of coffee as first meal of the day.
  • A motivator & a companion at work
    Coffee is the go-to beverage in a professional environment, whether it is when a person is seeking a job (a massive 94% of the population prefer coffee during an interview), or in a client meeting (50% prefer coffee)
  • A companion for a companion
    Coffee is seen as a beverage to bond – 50% of the respondents prefer to grab a cup of coffee when they catch up with friends after work
  • Sparks over a cuppa
    51% of the respondents would prefer to go on a first date and take a cup of coffee; of which, 70% would go for a Cappuccino
  • An emotional companion
    When it comes to having a deep conversation with a friend/ mentor for life advice, nearly 50% of the population interviewed would opt for some coffee (hot or cold) in such a situation
    Even amongst those who prefer going to a bar on a social occasion, 50% would pick coffee as their choice of beverage during a one-on-one deep, emotional conversation. Coffee thus can be termed as an ‘emotional companion’.
  • A motivator or a companion?
    Finally, a significant 69% of respondents consider coffee to be a companion, while only 31% consider it to be a motivator

“The survey ‘Brewing Conversations’ was curated with the intention of understanding whether Indian millennials see coffee as an agent that becomes the reason for a conversation, or a companion, as source of comfort during a conversation. The results show that while coffee is a definite motivator in the mornings or at workplace, an overwhelming 69% have said that they see the beverage as a companion”, commented Rachna Anbumani, Vice-President of Marketing, Lavazza India.

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“This reiterates Lavazza’s commitment towards spreading coffee culture and the love for coffee. We would like coffee to become a habit that accompanies people through their most important milestones in life”, she added.


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