Friday 19 July 2024
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INDIA – Vayhan Coffee Limited announces the launch of its new website

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SECUNDERABAD – Andhra Pradesh – Vayhan Coffee Limited is proud to announce the launch if it’s new website. The new website aims on providing precise information to the customers instantly.

As we all know whenever a person decides to buy any product, he/she wishes to know more about the organization before taking the purchase decision.

But no one has enough time to read everything that is displayed on the website. So in order to provide necessary information quickly we have compiled the information and displayed them in a categorized manner.

This will help in saving time.

Vayhan Coffee Limited was established in the year 2007 with an aim to meet the demand of quality conscious customers.

Today we are recognized as one of the leading instant coffee manufacturers in the world. Our quality will always keep our customers satisfied.

We make sure our quality matches the global standards. We use the best technology to produce instant coffee.

Our on-time delivery ensures you get the best coffee at the right time. Over the years we have learned and understood what our customers want exactly. This helps us in delivering what you like.

Vayhan Coffee Limited offers a wide range of coffee to choose from. India being one of the top coffee producing countries, we have managed to manufacture varieties of coffees.

Pure instant spray dried coffee is one of the varieties of coffee we offer. This instant coffee is a rich blend of Arabiaca and Robust coffee beans.

All the instant coffee manufactured by us is made from 100% coffee beans. These beans are roasted, grounded, extracted, concentrated and then spray dried using the latest technology.

Pure instant granulated coffee is another variety that is manufactured by Vayhan Coffee Limited. We are the master in the instant coffee world.

The new website has been developed by Kompass, one of the leading B2B platforms in India. Their 65 years of experience combined with our fresh coffee, have found a better way to satisfy our customers through the new website.

Meet one of the best instant coffee manufacturers in India by visiting the new website.

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