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INDIA – The Delhi Tea & Coffee Festival closes today

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DELHI – The first edition of  The Delhi Tea & Coffee Festival closes today in the Indian capital. The festival focuses on integrating the markets of Tea, Coffee and other drinks and snacks.

It aims to bring together suppliers, intermediaries and consumers of the different beverages.

With a variety of lectures, discussions, exhibitions and networking sessions for everyone, visitors can know more about tea and coffee.

The topics of discussion of the conference include market updates, latest trends, import and export of the drinks and key insights into the tea/coffee industry in India.

This three-day festival is an excellent opportunity to meet customers face-to-face and to share knowledge with peers in the tea/coffee industry.

The festival and conferences are extensively covered by both the national and international media and are connecting the entire tea and coffee industry through a series of educative, business and networking sessions.

Today’s programme features a seminar titled “Women Entrepreneurial Trends Seminar” over a tea-tasting session where the focus will be on women who have made their mark as strong entrepreneurs.

indian-coffee-house The event includes:

Latte Art Championships

Judging is based on five categories:

  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Definition
  • Color infusion
  • Degree of difficulty and creativity
  • Speed

Best Café Award

Tea Championships

  • The Best Taste & Aroma Award
  • Health with a Cup of Tea
  • Best New Product
  • Tea Branding Award
  • Outstanding Tea Award including followings tea; Black tea, Aged Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Pu’er Each Drink will be judged by Tea and Coffee Fest veteran judges
  • Franke Mytico
  • TME - Cialdy Evo

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