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In London the absolute preview of Eagle One, Victoria Arduino’s new coffee machine

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LONDON – A project inspired by the best culture of Italian design and looks to the future; this is Eagle One, Victoria Arduino’s professional espresso machine, presented on September 19th during the I-MADE (Italian Manufacturer Art & Design Exhibition) at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Two protagonists of the world of design and coffee presented the machine: Architect Giulio Cappellini and World Barista Champion James Hoffmann.

A unique version of the Eagle One was the center of the event. The customization, done by Giulio Cappellini, art director I-MADE and world ambassador of excellence and creativity, chose for the machine, chrome colors and innovative materials.

DVG De Vecchi

Eagle One is the symbol of the modernity of Victoria Arduino. The brand was born at the beginning of the Twentieth Century and had been continuously working on the quality and doing research” recalls Giulio Cappellini.

From the design to the communication, the brand picked up the needs of the era and transformed them into innovative technologies, also through to the collaboration with the futurist artist Leonetto Cappiello and the architect Caccia Dominioni.

La Cimbali

The brand, with its Eagle symbol, was able to look beyond geopolitical boundaries, listening to an international audience. That’s why I consider Victoria Arduino as an excellent example of Made in Italy.

eagle onePersonality is a clue aspect that gives an essential value to the barista and to the shop itself. That is why we made the personalization of the machine easy to do and adaptable to different environments that range from the classical type to the more glamorous and pop variety.

The machine’s design adjusts perfectly with various materials that can be natural like wood, or technological like steel, resins, or aluminum. The Giulio Cappellini Eagle One version is an example representing a mix of history and innovation: unique recycled wood, ecological resin and aluminum.

For the shape of the Eagle One, Victoria Arduino was inspired not only by its impressive history, but also concentrating on the needs of the new era coffee shops that require compact, efficient, and sustainable machines. That’s how design and innovation fuse: having a substantial impact inside the machine in correspondence with its new form. The result is an extremely compact object, simple to use, minimal design, with a new engine able to guarantee high performance and energy efficiency.

The innovation of Eagle One is also about its esthetical and functional simplicity. The project completely covered all aspects; every single component was studied in relationship to the entire system. This new organization allowed the machine to become extraordinarily compact and become adaptable to many different locations. The ergonomic research of the Eagle One made it remarkably user-friendly, so the barista can work smoothly and provide an excellent coffee time for the client.

Eagle One has been designed in function to the barista’s experience using advanced technology to make it the most sustainable machine of its category. For Victoria Arduino, the experience isn’t only a matter of the coffee quality but also a question of philosophy, design of the café, and sustainability.

London is home of James Hoffmann, opinion leader of the specialty coffee industry, world barista champion and part of the Eagle One project. It is a city where many cafés have small spaces and must be very careful with energy consumption.

eagle one
James Hoffmann

Baristas need compact equipment, that is ergonomic and easy to use, but also capable of producing high volumes of very high quality drinks. That shouldn’t come at the expense of energy efficiency though.

In Eagle One, this is what drives the design. The machine is simple and compact, and able to respond to the new needs of the latest generation of coffee shops. The heart of the machine, the new engine (called NEO, New Engine Optimization), is smaller but at the same time able to delivery great performance with a reduction of energy consumption.

Eagle One is the reflection of teamwork; a team composed of different specialists (designers, planners, engineers, and baristas). The machine represents the new coffee wave and how an international audience works and consumes in a coffee shop, today with an even broader concept of a design” stated Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group, holder of the Victoria Arduino brand.

In Eagle One, we strongly committed to technology research and innovation but also to find the right product that balances esthetical quality and functionality while satisfying the user and the consumer. The result is a complete experience; from the design to the user-friendliness of the product, we created a sustainable machine that respects the environment in terms of cost and energy efficiency.

Full technical specifications of the new coffee machine will be revealed at Host Milano, in Milan from 18 to 22 October 2019.

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