Tuesday 24 May 2022

Impact Berry celebrates one year of sustainable organic premium coffee in Hong Kong

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HONG KONG – This summer, Impact Berry Coffee celebrates its one year anniversary as your provider of ethical, eco-friendly and organic premium coffee beans and as a first of its kind in Hong Kong. Impact Berry began as an initiative to support coffee origin communities, namely farmers and their families, with a sustainable income through coffee proceeds and by creating shared value along the supply chain.

The brand has since then grown to become an agency for improving quality of life, wellness, and green living both in Hong Kong and abroad through better coffee habits and active mindfulness all around.

Impact Berry was founded in 2019 after a series of heavy earthquakes hit small islands in Indonesia, causing destruction to infrastructure and water supply throughout the communities. In order to support the villages rebuild, founders Sonja Debus and Timo Juritsch looked for a sustainable solution to create new streams of consistent income for the communities and discovered their rich heritage and expertise in growing coffee.

Now, proceeds from the sale of Impact Berry coffee beans go beyond funding disaster relief initiatives and directly support farmers and their families through these two most recent projects:

Clean drinking water (Indonesia) – as of Impact Berry’s first anniversary, clean water through distribution of water filter systems has been made accessible to 1250 people

Tree planting (Vietnam) – 36 assorted fruit trees have been planted in the first two months of the project, supporting Vietnam’s reforestation and biodiversity

On the coffee drinking side, Impact Berry encourages kindness to the planet and to ourselves through premium organic coffee beans that are grown wildly, instead of on deforested farm plots, and help preserve the indigenous ecosystem of forests in Vietnam and Indonesia. Impact Berry sources its coffee in Asia to reduce bean travel distances for a low transport footprint and freshly roasts in Hong Kong for highest quality.

Coffee beans are available through Impact Berry’s online store, or on a wholesale basis as part of office coffee solutions, inviting sustainable coffee habits into Hong Kong homes and workplaces.

To further celebrate one year of impacting together, coffee drinkers can use the promo code ‘summersale20’ during checkout at Impact Berry’s online store for 20% off on single origin coffee beans and espresso blends.

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