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IMF Roasters will be exhibiting at Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston

The leading Italian manufacturer of innovative coffee roasters is ready for the Specialty Expo

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OCCHIOBELLO (Italy) – IMF Roasters, leading Italian manufacturer of coffee roasters and complete roasting plants for the coffee industry, will be exhibiting its advanced technology solutions at Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston from April 8-10, 2022 at booth #1250.

“These events are great opportunities to present our technology to professionals working in the specialty coffee industry, with people seeking the best solutions to both meet the expectations of their customers and to raise the quality of their work,” says Alessandro Garbin, CEO and Owner of IMF since 2010, with a of three-generation long history in green coffee business and great experience in the sale of coffee roasting machines and equipment.

Innovative roasting and green coffee knowledge

“Roasting represents the heart of coffee processing and it is extremely important as it determines the final outcome and quality of the product” continues Garbin. “In my opinion, the perfect roast must be sweet and delicate, without temperature peaks in transferring heat to the grain and through precise air flow control, in order to minimize thermal fluctuations inside the drum, evenly heating every single bean to allow a gradual and homogeneous transfer, exalting and releasing the taste and fragrances characterizing each individual coffee quality”.

IMF RM60 Roaster, Germany (IMF Credit)
IMF RM60 Roaster, Germany (IMF Credit)

Low emissions and total roasting control

What sets IMF apart from competitors lies in the virtuous and sustainable approach to the environment: the integrated afterburner ensures extremely low emission levels, without having to install expensive post-combustion system such as catalyzers or additional afterburners.

All roasters, with capacity ranging from 6 to 480 kg/cycle, come with cyclone, smoke cleaning system with recirculation, destoner and coffee loader integrated in a compact space.

Moreover, IMF has recently patented the exclusive Vortex system, allowing hot and cool air mixing for better controlling the roasting phase:

“This feature – explains Garbin – allows you to mix the hot air with which you roast coffee to air at room temperature effectively and evenly to cook coffee in a sweet and accurate way”.

Equipped with brand new roasting software, IMF roasters can roast tons of coffee with great repeatability and reliability of selected roasting profiles. It is possible to constantly control every step of the process, from green coffee loading to roasting, cooling and destoning until roasted coffee storage, loading and packaging.

Moreover, through the remote assistance control service is possible to remotely run diagnosis of machines and plants.

Visit the IMF booth #1250 to get to know the advantages of becoming an IMF Roaster

IMF Complete Coffee Roasting Plant, Spain (IMF Credit)
IMF Complete Coffee Roasting Plant, Spain (IMF Credit)

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