Sunday 23 January 2022

Ima Coffee Hub, on 15-16 May, focuses on new trends in the coffee market

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BOLOGNA – Ima Coffee Hub is the solution that the Group created recently, to assist all the companies in technical and commercial organization for coffee processing and packaging industry. A cluster of specialist brands, with the aim to share the necessary knowledge and skills to develop the coffee industry. Following step by step all the commercial realities: from small to big coffee producers in the world.

From the same spirit, the Open House in Bologna, on 15 and 16 may. Two days together with industry players. Discussing about new trends and updates. Focus on the current issues in the coffee sector and in the innovative digital solutions.

Ima Day 1

The first day is dedicated to talks and special presentations by industry experts. It will be also the occasion to celebrate 100 years of the Petroncini brand.


Day 2
Then, a full immersion in the Ima factory: here the guests will appreciate the full range of machines covering coffee handling, processing; packaging and end-of-line solutions. And they will also have a chance to assist to live demonstrations of the new technologies and additions to the Ima equipments.

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