Monday 08 August 2022

Ima Coffee Tecmar and Ima Coffee Mapster, I&D for flexible packaging at Sigep 2020

IMA Coffee Tecmar and IMA Coffee Mapster at Sigep – Synergies for flexible packaging at Sigep - Hall D1 – Stand #008

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RIMINI, Italy – Founded in 1994 and based in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Tecmar S.A. is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of vertical packaging machines for coffee beans and ground coffe as well as cartoning systems. It maintained a clear commitment to technological development and innovation, marking a clear regional leadership and gradually increasing the presence at international markets. The vertical form-fill seal expert company has a full array of machines handling dosed filling of flexible, sealed packages in all shapes and sizes.

Tecmar is part of Ima Group since last April 2019

Tecmar contributes to integrate IMA Coffee Hub offer with solutions that offer excellent ermetic filling systems, special valve systems for freshness and reclosable solutions for consumer convenience. The range of machines produced by Tecmar for the coffee sector therefore includes vertical packaging machines for coffee beans or ground coffee in three side seal bags from 50 cc. to 5000 cc. at a production speed that varies from 60 up to 150 packs per minute.

Tecmar also offers vertical multiline packaging machines to produce stick style ouches suitable for liquids, powder and granulated products at a production speed of 70 sticks per minute

The integration process of Tecmar into IMA Coffee Hub has also led to the development of synergies, and in particular with the production range of Ima Coffee Mapster brand, with the precise aim to guarantee a global coverage and bridge the gap between Argentina and the old country for example.

In fact, in times when production efficiency and constant quality are fundamental to the business, IMA Coffee Tecmar and Ima Coffee Mapster brands open up new horizons to marketing as well as the supply of a skilled technical assistance service.

In South America, Ima Coffee Tecmar, thanks to the collaboration with IMA Coffee Mapster, is now also able to manufacture packaging machines for single serve capsules for coffee and soluble products as well as offer a skilled technical assistance service.

Ima Coffee Mapster Capsule filling machine

In Europe, the well consolidate sales network of Ima Coffee, based in Italy – is now ready to market Tecmar’s flexible packaging machines and to offer a prompt technical assistance as well as the supply of spare parts guaranteeing more suitable timing and conditions.

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