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Ima at Host: Focus on technologies for coffee processing and packaging

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BOLOGNA, Italy – IMA will show at Host, Milan 18-22 October 2019 • Hall 22, Booth #L16-L26 M15-M25, the best solutions for roasting, capsules filling and packaging included a dedicated solution for aluminum capsules, as well as technologies for vertical bags packaging and capsules cartoning.

Here is an in-depth analysis focused on IMA Coffee technologies on display at the show in Milan – dedicated solutions, top performances and the widest offer on the market.

IMA Coffee Petroncini TMR400

The Petroncini TMR 400 drum roasting machine will be on show at HOST with a new intuitive interface HMI applied to IRC4, the latest machine’s software version released by Petroncini: a very reliable partner for managing the roasting recipes and the process parameters.

The new IRC4 HMI provides service tool for a complete overview of machine‘s condition; the user can visualise the continuous trending of all process values such as temperatures, speed, valves positioning and fan pressure.

The intuitive HMI has a profile design tool for a real-time visualization of the roasting trends changes, as a results of new data input.

This is possible thanks to an accurate and reliable simulator that helps the roastmaster modify an existent recipe: IRC4 trasforms in real time the new data entered into a new preview of the roasting profile desired.


This kind of visualization helps avoid repetitive tests and mistakes that might occurr after a new profiles setting up.

In addiction, the system enables the roast master to setting up even the desired non-traditional profile and foreseen the final roasting results in terms of roasting time and trend design.

ima host
The Petroncini TMR 400 drum roaster

All data are collected and easily exportable in hard copy or soft copy (.xls .pdf) and each report includes production data batch by batch: profile, final temperature, quenching parameters (ltrs and seconds), roasting time/cycle time.

Drum and cooling mixer speed, fan underpressure and Carbon Monoxide monitoring are standard application available on TMR model and included into IRC4.

IMA Coffee Spreafico at Host with a solution dedicated to aluminum capsule filling and packaging

Spreafico Automation, part of IMA Coffee Hub, will show at Host a six-lane machine for the filling and packaging of Nespresso® compatible aluminum capsules.

Being one of the most common capsule styles on the market, it guarantees both a top quality final product as well as its recyclability, as the capsule is completely free from plastic laminates.

Based on the afore mentioned features, that have made its success, the aluminum capsule requires dedicated packaging machines, guaranteeing a particularly gentle process, starting from the feeding phase up to filling and sealing.

ima host
On show the Spreafico six-lane machine for the packaging of Nespresso® compatible aluminum capsules

Spreafico Automation boasts a unique know-how in this specific segment being also supported by the experience gained in IMA Coffee GIMA where applications for compatible aluminum capsules have been developed on high-speed machines.

At Host, the company based in Lecco, will showcase a machine perfectly tailored to the market needs – medium-high production speed (up to 360 capsules per minute) encompassing at the same time all the Spreafico’s well known technological features guaranteeing great reliability and top quality product with extended shelf life thanks to less than a 1% residual oxygen within the capsule.

IMA Coffee Mapster entry level MCA2

Mapster, part of IMA Coffee Hub, will present at Host the entry level MCA2 capsules filler, a machine dedicated to those who do not want to accept any quality compromise despite having limited production needs.

ima host
The new Mapster MCA2 double doser

Thanks to the synergy with IMA, the machine shows several technical improvements that guarantee its high quality standards.

The sealing unit, based and designed on the existing MCA4 standards, guarantees homogeneity and repeatability, as well as a better seal capacity.

The new dedicated double doser, consisting of two hoppers, each with a level sensor and servo-driven auger, ensures improved dosing precision and less product waste during emptying.

The modularity of the machine allows the change from one configuration to another, including the possibility to handle compostable capsules with the only replacement of the sealing unit with a dedicated one.

IMA Coffee GIMA FTB584-C capsule cartoning machine

The FTB584-C machine is designed to run in line with the IMA Coffee filling machines. It can handle American and Espresso coffee capsules, tea and soluble beverages in general.

GIMA FTB584-C cartoning machine

Furthermore, the experience we have in conceiving specially tailored solutions makes GIMA the ideal strategic partner for industry leaders who constantly strive to satisfy new market trends.

As a turnkey solution, the FTB584-C offers countless plus points: compact footprint, user-friendly operator interface, high blanks capacity, quick size changeover and requires minimal maintenance.

With fully servo-driven movement, the FTB584-C ensures excellent production efficiency and extreme flexibility regarding the product layer configuration.

A key feature regards the minimal use of void space, enabling highly compact packaging solutions to save space and cut costs.

IMA Coffee Tecmar 3C-130 VFFS

Tecmar 3C-130 flexible packaging machine

The 3SS bagger model 3C-130 guarantees a high performance output in the packaging of ground coffee and beans.

The design of this machine is based on an Open Frame architecture that provides easy cleaning and accessibility for maintenance and operational adjustments.

The machine is controlled by a PLC and equipped with a user friendly 10” HMI, a motorized film unwinding unit, a pneumatic film tension controller and a motorized film alignment system.

The machine on show at Host is customized to produce Quad seals (Stabilo) bags including degassing valve applicator and N2 flushing system.


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