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illy’s Arabica Selection coffees now available in iperEspresso capsules

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NEW YORK, U.S. — illycaffè has introduced Arabica Selection iperEspresso capsules, high-quality, single-origin coffees from Columbia, Ethiopia and Brazil for its iperEspresso capsule system.

This newest introduction expands the Arabica Selection offerings which include whole beans, k-cup® Pods and now iperEspresso capsules.

Arabica Selection coffees are sustainably grown and custom-roasted to highlight the most appealing taste notes associated with each origin country.

Coffee lovers will notice the distinct roast enhanced in the flavors of each Arabica: the floral notes from Ethiopia, caramel from Brazil and fruity notes from Colombia.

The single origins of Arabica Selection are essentially illy’s signature blend deconstructed to individually highlight each one of the unique flavor notes.

An extensive 24-month research and development period executed by illy’s in-house Aroma Lab, Sensory Lab and Food Science Lab along with roasting experts at the company’s headquarters in Trieste, Italy included chemical and sensorial analyses with over 50 roasting samples to fine tune each Arabica Selection variety.

As part of the process, illy’s green (or pre-roasted) coffee department identified specific beans from each origin country that met criteria specially developed for Arabica Selection, which were then stored prior to roasting under optimal conditions for temperature and humidity.

As a result of this extensive product development, each Arabica Selection has its own unique roasting temperature and length of time to highlight each origins aroma and flavor.

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