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illycaffè to officially support the Michelin Green Stars initiative in Europe and the United States

Michelin illycaffè

TRIESTE, Italy – Michelin and illycaffè announce illy’s support of the MICHELIN Guide’s European and American Green Stars. illycaffè, a global coffee industry leader in sustainable quality, and Michelin have decided to take another step forward for the planet. The two companies, which share very similar values, will work together to promote restaurant’s efforts and actions in working in a more sustainable way – like preserving resources, embracing biodiversity, or reducing food waste and the consumption of non-renewable energy.

“MICHELIN Green Stars restaurants shape an ambitious network of committed thought leaders on the global gastronomic scene; thought leaders who contribute both to raising awareness on the challenges of tomorrow’s cuisine and to inspiring their peers within the industry.

We are delighted to associate for the first time with illycaffè, a company that is particularly committed and with which we share strong common values. We hope that our Green Stars will continue to mobilize even more companies in the future so that, collectively, we can encourage the industry to take a closer look at sustainable development issues” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides.

“It is a great honour for us to announce our support to the MICHELIN Guide’s Green Stars in Europe and the U.S., a distinction to highlight restaurants which are at the forefront of a more sustainable approach to gastronomy” says Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of illycaffè.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to continue sharing and promoting our coffee culture in the world of fine dining: many of our illy ambassadors have received this prestigious recognition and we hope to continue developing an increasingly virtuous path of ever-more sustainable quality with the greatest international chefs. Sustainable quality has always been part of our brand DNA and for over 85 years we have been giving great attention to sustainable matters, with the aim of building a better future together with our partners and our consumers”.

Unveiled for the first time in January 2020 at the MICHELIN Guide France launch event, the MICHELIN Green Star is the MICHELIN Guide’s newest distinction.

The MICHELIN Green Star is a new benchmark for customers and professionals: inspectors assign the recognition to restaurants within their selections that are the most committed to a more sustainable approach to gastronomy.

By highlighting the virtuous actions of role-model restaurants, the MICHELIN Guide aims to give chefs and other committed players a framework for raising awareness on the sustainable issues surrounding gastronomy and food among the general public, businesses and the whole industry.