Thursday 30 March 2023

Il mondo di Segafredo competence centre opens in Munich, Germany

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MUNICH, Germany – Segafredo Zanetti Deutschland has recently opened a new centre of excellence in Munich, where guests can enjoy an unforgettable coffee experience – tracing the bean’s journey all the way from the coffee plantation to the cup.

Did you know that Segafredo is part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, which is named after its founder? And were you aware that the Group is currently the only one in the coffee industry involved in the entire coffee production cycle, from growing the beans on plantations right through to making the caffè specialities?

Lovers of Italian caffè culture in Germany can find out all about these unassuming looking little brown beans, thanks to the grand opening of the Il mondo di Segafredo centre of excellence.

“Coffee is a semi-finished product that needs to be prepared in the right way in order to be properly enjoyed. As it’s our mission to encourage more and more people to enjoy the culture, preparation and taste of original Italian caffè, we opened our Scuola di Barista over 15 years ago.

At our four training bars in Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg, we now train over 1,000 of our food industry customers’ service staff as well as hundreds of private caffè fans a year on how to prepare top-quality coffee.

Our training centre in Munich had to be relocated to larger premises due to overwhelming demand for our training courses.

In fact, here in South-West Munich, we now have much more than just a training bar – we have finally been able to achieve our long-held goal of setting up Il mondo di Segafredo in order to provide service professionals and hobby baristi with an insight into the world of Segafredo,” says a thrilled Franz Schwaiger, Managing Director of Segafredo Zanetti Deutschland GmbH.

People taking part in a Segafredo barista seminar can expect an extensive introduction to the complex topic of coffee. SCAE-certified barista trainers explain a coffee bean’s journey from its raw state on the plantation right through to when it ends up in the cup using very visual and interactive methods, and help participants familiarize themselves with all the different ways in which coffee can be prepared.

The practical section covers a wide variety of different preparation methods, how to use coffee grinders and espresso machines properly and how to perfectly execute all classic and modern caffè speciality recipes.

Naturally there’s also time for a bit of milk foaming, or “latte art” as it’s known in the industry.

For the professional barista training for service staff and seminars for individual companies, the trainers adapt and tailor the content of half-day courses in line with participants’ existing caffè knowledge and requirements.

SourceMZB Group

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