Wednesday 22 March 2023

Ikago launches the Heat Coaster Pro on Kickstarter

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NEW YORK, USA – Ikago, an experienced team of product designers focused on heat coasters, has just announced the launch of the Heat Coaster Pro — an efficient, smart, and stylish coffee heating pad. Integrated with a patented heating film and infrared (IR) sensor, the Ikago Heat Coaster Pro keeps coffee hot, spirits high, and works smooth.

Many of the compounds in coffee beans—such as the oil and acids contributing to the flavor—are only soluble at high temperatures. “As hot coffee cools, these lactones break down to become carboxylic and chlorogenic acids.

These acids present themselves via a bitter/acidic flavor in the cup. This combined with the oxidization that is also occurring as the coffee cools down just makes for a super unpleasant taste most of the time,” according to the USA TODAY article “Iced coffee tastes great but cooled hot coffee is gross. Why?”

“I’m a big fan of hot coffee and also a slow sipper. I like to enjoy hot coffee as I’m reading or doing something else. It gets cold when I dive into work. I don’t have time to enjoy its warmth. Most coffee warmers on the market simply display the temperature of the heating pad rather than the temperature of the coffee. The displayed temperature is lower than my ideal setting temperature most of the time. Our goal with this Heat Coaster Pro was to solve all these problems. Here comes Ikago. The world’s first infrared thermometer coffee pad. Now, users can have peace of mind knowing the real-time temperature of their coffee,” said Dennis Ikago chief designer.

The Ikago Heat Coaster Pro is packed with features that set it apart from other coffee warmer on the market. First, the coffee can be evenly heated to 175°F (80°C) and kept at a constant temperature with the patented thin heating film and original temperature control system.

Second, get to know a beverage’s real-time temperature through an infrared (IR) sensor integrated with algorithms. Third, the Heat Coaster Pro will stop heating when it detects the cup has been removed through IR sensors. It will automatically shut down for two hours.

Fourth, it can fit various cups, whether they’re made of pottery, glass, or stainless steel. Fifth, it’s easy to use. The digital display gives a clear view, and customers can use the touch screen to customize the temperature in 1°F/°C increments. Last, its design is thin, light, and stylish. A real friend for coffee, tea, and other beverages.

The Ikago Heat Coaster Pro is available now with special deals and discounts for early adopters. This would make a great Christmas present for coffee lovers.

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