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Identità Golose Future: with HostMilano and Identità Golose, the “Formula One” of cooking is at Host2015

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Tales of regions and flavours knowingly interwoven by the greatest chefs in Italy and the world. This is the recipe that makes Identità Golose, which launches today in Milan, the most anticipated and influential event for all cooking professionals.

This philosophy is characterised by the innovation and type of lifestyle that Identità Golose shares with HostMilano – to take place in fieramilano in Milano, Italy, from Friday, 23 October to Tuesday, 27 October, 2015 – and which led these two leading events to create a partnership that already yielded great results in the 2013 edition of the International Hospitality Exhibition.

This year they are partnering once again with an even more cutting-edge formula.

This next edition of HostMilano will see the Identità Golose team working to bring to life the Identità Golose Future event focused on the evolution of cooking and pastry making, offering a preview of how recipes and tastes are changing along with technologies that make new and creative experimentation possible.

All of this with 3 appointments per day that will feature two protagonists for each event – an expert on the tools and techniques used who will show their characteristics and latest evolutions, as well as a chef who will create sample dishes live and offer tastings.

“This is still a work-in-progress, but the idea of bringing together technologies, natural elements and taste will undoubtedly be a winning one – says Paolo Marchi, creator of Identità Golose –Innovative technologies are as always an important element because they play an important role as enablers of this evolution.

Creativity will also be a central element in line with Identità Golose’s philosophy, which always puts man at the centre of the innovation and creation process whether it is has to do with coming up with recipes, developing formats or creating and using new technologies.

One perfect example comes from the world of pizza, which has always been cooked in the wood-burning oven, but which over time has also been cooked in electric ovens or, even more recently, in vapour ovens for previously frozen pizzas, relying on techniques that allow the food to maintain its flavour.”

“Professional hospitality is the best expression of one of the most noble innate characteristics of human beings, which is the love for conviviality – saysEnrico Pazzali, CEO of Fiera Milano Spa –HostMilano has always celebrated this spirit, transforming innovation into an opportunity for expressing creativity and inventiveness. Identità Future, the new project created in partnership with Identità Golose, takes this wonderful inspiration to a new level, taking on the challenges of cooking in the 21st century in an ever more cultured and international way.

But the entire show serves as an opportunity to meet and compare notes on invention and technology. We have a rich calendar of events, which includes exciting competitions and championships as well as cooking demonstrations. The show layout offers the entire professional hospitality industry a complete offering with unique synergy as compared to the other industry fairs.”

Another area that will be present at HostMilano and that is ever more integrated with the world of cooking is coffee.

From ancient infusions in Turkey and Naples to the moka pot and then the great leap forward with espresso machines, all the way to the current automatic machines that are so evolved that all the barista has to do is push a button, coffee is ever more a specialty beverage, a true gastronomic specialty to be enjoyed not just at coffee bars but in more gourmet environments as well.

And Identità Golose Future will use cooking as the filter for looking at the worlds of pasta, gelato or cold storage, going beyond the blast chiller, which has now entered home kitchens after having become popular in professional ones. It will also look to environmental concerns, such as innovative extractor hoods with the level of noise reduced to just a few decibels thanks to the use of sound waves that counteract the noise of the hood itself.

The kitchens of the great chefs are no longer just laboratories where the most innovative ideas are put into practice.

The most evolved techniques, technologies and tools are also used. Just like in the Formula One where the most advanced solutions used for race cars are then applied to everyday cars. The future of cooking is created behind the scenes in Michelin-starred restaurants to then enter into how we cook every day in our homes.

This “Formula One” of cooking finds its natural “track” to be Host2015, which this year takes place as EXPO 2015 enters into its grand finale. The World’s Fair is dedicated to food and its future, and will take place from 1 May to 31 October in an area just a few metres from the exhibition centre with a direct connection to the event.

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