Saturday 13 July 2024
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Abu Dhabi, Icons Coffee first outlet

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ICONS Coffee Couture, a fashion and lifestyle coffee shop chain offering healthy options for delectable desserts, launches its first coffee shop in Abu Dhabi at the Deerfields Mall, Abu Dhabi post successful ventures in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.

The coffee shop provides a flawless blend of fashion and food for those seeking healthier alternatives to their favorite foods.

To stay cool during the summer season, ICONS welcomes an all natural blended Ice Tea selection of patented FrozTeas© for the perfect natural refreshment without any unhealthy additives.

The revamped menu visualized by Lara Allegra Lange, the German Executive Chef of ICONS, is set to include not only a new assortment of smoothies, salads and Fruity Cream Frappes, but also the much-awaited Healthy Ice-Cream bar and FrozTeas©. Each drink and dish has been crafted to provide a hearty fix to any sweet cravings without the sugar!

Elena Weber, Founder, ICONS Coffee Couture, said, “I have always had a sweet-tooth, and have often had to forego some of my likings as they clashed with my lifestyle as a professional model. But, with ICONS, we have made it possible for men and women to still indulge, without the guilt! Our all new iconic ice-cream bar introduces finally a concept of healthy ice-creams with no regrets and is one of my favorite new additions. We are also excited to introduce the super rare Panama Geisha beans to our coffee couture segment – one of the best and the most expensive coffees in the world! I am keen on our journey to Abu Dhabi and hope to bring about a new passion of fashion and clean eating.”

Lara Allegra, the German Executive Chef, ICONS Coffee Couture, said, “It’s exciting to have introduced our Healthy Ice-Cream Bar to Deerfields, Abu Dhabi – our recipes include agave and dates syrup and includes froyos and ice-creams we all love. You can now mix and match to get your favorite flavor either in a cone or cup or your favorite Ice Cream Frappe. I recommend the Hot Chocolate Cake with a scoop of our vanilla or banana ice-cream topped with a chocolate drizzle. The cake recipes are all naturally sweetened, without refined sugars –we use a hint of Stevia, a natural plan extract and sweetener (agave and dates) to give the recipes flavor. Another thing we are keen to launch is our FrozTeas©, an iconic blend of real fruit teas we specially create in-house sweetened with just a touch of agave. We are looking forward to bringing new ways to keeping the city fitter and happier with fresh offerings and are set to make Abu Dhabi leaner!” 

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