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Iberital will present at HostMilano the espresso machine of the future

MILAN – Iberital based in Barcelona and founded in 1975, with presence in over 100 countries, produces hand-crafted espresso coffee machines created by local designers surrounded by the creative spirit of the Mediterranean. Offering reliable and creative tools for every barista.

Iberital machines not only boast the latest technological developments in the espresso sector, but also include exclusive, differentiating innovations created within the company; the fruit of Iberital’s knowledge and unique perspective.


Iberital has been selected by the EU, in the framework of the H2020 research and innovation programme, to design and manufacture an espresso machine that will revolutionise espresso coffee extraction technology.

This new machine will boast three main advantages:

1) High energy efficiency, which maximizes the coffee brewing process while ensuring the lowest environmental impact by minimising its carbon footprint.

2) Healthier coffee. By using new and innovative materials that are more health-friendly, such as low lead brass, it virtually erradicates the presence of heavy metals in the drink.

3) Connectivity:  It can be accessed remotely thanks to its internet-connected platform so users can control technical settings ​​and connect with the barista, technical service, coffee roaster, etc. This connectivity also offers us the possibility to design new services, content and apps associated with the machine and the coffee experience in general and ensure the constant improvement of our products.

Iberital closely tracks market needs. This new project has involved internationally-renowned baristas who have offered Iberital their expertise both about the design process and the technical performance of the new machine.

Iberital will present the first prototypes of the espresso machine of the future at Host Milano fair in October 2017.

Present in several events and fairs worldwide. During this 2017, since March, they started the Iberital Asian Tour, passing through Shanghai, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Beijing and Seoul.

In April, Iberital celebrated the Barcelona Coffee Scene in London during the London Coffee fest, an event where they moved all the magic of the Barcelona coffee scene, we had conferences, live music, and tastings.

The Secret Coffee Lab

In May was celebrated by Iberital the first Secret Coffee Lab in Barcelona, ​​an event full of technology, music made with synthesizers and machines espresso Iberital, where we enjoy performance of actors and baristas highly recognized live.

At the World of Coffee in Budapest and at the Chicago Coffee Fest all the visitors were able to write on the board of the booth to leave their mark on how they would imagine the espresso machine of the future.

Definitely, Iberital is in full growth, a company high tech, high touch and with an advanced and sustainable vision.