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I.P.A. examines the anatomy of the professional porcelain cup for Italian coffee

MILAN – I.P.A. Industria Porcellane S.p.A. examines the anatomy of the professional cup for Italian coffee. Safety, tradition and sustainability are the distinctive characteristics of the product.

The cup is made of porcelain, rigorously hard feldspathic, fired at 1,400 degrees in order to obtain a zero-porosity paste, suitable for food use. The glaze coating creates an additional protective layer and gives shine and color.

These features makes it the best product in terms of hygiene. HACCP washes are enough to guarantee safety and protect final customers.

The particular thermal properties of porcelain ensure the proper temperature to enjoy the espresso. Moreover, the egg bottom shape accompanies the cream and enhances the aroma, ensuring the traditional experience.

I.P.A. products have excellent characteristics in terms of durability and multi-usage, thus avoiding the single-use behavior that has impacts on the health of our planet.

Attention and respect for the environment also materialize in the manufacturing phase. In fact, waste is reused in the production cycle in line with the circular economy.

IPA has guaranteed the quality of its porcelain since 1955 and can boast the Ceramics of Italy trademark that represents ceramic and porcelain companies located in Italy.