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How to start a capsules production line: some tips from the experts

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FAENZA, Italy – Capsules cartoning is drawing coffee producers’ attention. To have an insight of the sector, we talked to Mr. Matteo Pattuelli (PICTURE), General Manager of Senzani Brevetti, manufacturer of machinery and technology for automatic primary and secondary packaging.

Mr. Pattuelli answered the FAQ all coffee producers willing to start a new capsules production line may have.

What does a new capsules production line imply in terms of business management?

First, one must be aware that capsule cartoning is a process with its own dynamic, differing from the normal workflow of coffee production. Some Italian coffee producers were founded hundred years ago, and they have a historical knowledge of all the production phases, starting from the selection of coffee beans, to the sales of the ground coffee.

Nevertheless, the technology of encapsulation and cartoning, deeply modifies the traditional workflow; the raw material for example needs to be ground differently if put in capsules.

A coffee maker who wants to start a capsules production line must be aware of the specific process to set up, which involves both the production plant and the marketing strategies. The first step is to have a clear idea of the product target.

What kind of technical know-how should the coffee producer need to have to handle the production line?

To choose the most suitable encapsulating system, it is crucial to technically and specifically know how the machinery functions and how the entire supply chain works. It is then very important to have a specialist supporting the decision-making process, informing the coffee producer on the features of the self-protected and not self-protected capsules.


How relevant is the choice of the capsule type?

The choice of the type of capsule will have a remarkable impact on the production planning and costs. For example, while the self-protected capsules can be directly cartoned, the not self-protected need to be flow-packed and then inserted in the carton.

Easier logistic management compensates the greater complexity of the self-protected capsule. Additional packaging takes a lot of space, both in storage and in the transportation phase.

Taking the same quantity of pallets, the self-protected capsules transported allow twice the coffee cups compared to the not self-protected. Of course, this is one of the reasons of preference for the self-protected capsules. In the choice-phase, global consulting is as crucial as marketing.

What kind of machine shall the coffee producer consider?

The main feature to look for is flexibility, in terms of format and production speed. A strategic and far-sighted approach should include the possibility of changing the carton format and the number of capsules, given that production and marketing trends, continuously change and evolve.

To minimize workflow and costs, tailored solutions are necessary.

Customized machinery allows to avoid production waste and to optimize the production, even in case of machine stops. This is one of the main guarantees for the coffee producers who want to start a capsules line.


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